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“The best mirror is an old friend.”
George Herbert
“Living well is the best revenge.”
George Herbert
“Woe be to him that reads but one book.”
George Herbert
“Storms make oaks take deeper root.”
George Herbert
“Life is half spent before we know what it is.”
George Herbert
“The shortest answer is doing.”
George Herbert
“He who cannot forgive breaks the bridge over which he himself must pass.”
George Herbert
“A gentle heart is tied with an easy thread.”
George Herbert
tags: love
“He begins to die, that quits his desires.”
George Herbert
“Every mile is two in winter”
George Herbert
“Be calm in arguing: for fierceness makes
Error a fault, and truth discourtesy.”
George Herbert, The Temple: The Poetry of George Herbert
“Love and a cough cannot be hid.”
George Herbert
“Who says that fictions only and false hair
Become a verse? Is there in truth no beauty?
Is all good structure in a winding stair?”
George Herbert, The Temple: The Poetry of George Herbert
“Every path hath a puddle.”
George Herbert
“Wouldst thou both eat thy cake and have it?”
George Herbert, The Complete English Works
tags: humor
“Sweet day, so cool, so calm, so bright,
The bridal of the earth and sky;
The dew shall weep thy fall tonight,

For thou must die.”
George Herbert, The Temple: The Poetry of George Herbert
“Death used to be an executioner, but the gospel has made him just a gardner.”
George Herbert
“Man is no star, but a quick coal

Of mortal fire:
Who blows it not, nor doth control

A faint desire,”
George Herbert, The Temple: The Poetry of George Herbert
“Good words are worth much, and cost little.”
George Herbert
“Love bade me welcome;
yet my soul drew back,
Guiltie of dust and sin.”
George Herbert
tags: guilt, love, sin
“Having been tenant long to a rich Lord,
Not thriving, I resolved to be bold,
And make a suit unto him, to afford
A new small-rented lease, and cancell th’ old.

In heaven at his manour I him sought:
They told me there, that he was lately gone
About some land, which he had dearly bought
Long since on earth, to take possession.

I straight return’d, and knowing his great birth,
Sought him accordingly in great resorts;
In cities, theatres, gardens, parks, and courts:
At length I heard a ragged noise and mirth

Of theeves and murderers: there I him espied,
Who straight, Your suit is granted, said, and died. ”
George Herbert
“Throw away thy rod, throw away thy wrath; O my God, take the gentle path.”
George Herbert
“But I am lost in flesh, whose sugared lies,
Still mock me and grow bold:
Sure thou didst put a mind there, if I could
Find where it lies.”
George Herbert, The Complete English Works
“That flesh is but the glass, which holds the dust
That measures all our time; which also shall
Be crumbled into dust.”
George Herbert, The Complete English Poems
“Have I no harvest but a thorn
   To let me bloud, and not restore
What I have lost with cordiall fruit?
Sure there was wine
   Before my sighs did drie it: there was corn
   Before my tears did drown it.
   Is the yeare onely lost to me?
   Have I no bayes to crown it?
No flowers, no garlands gay? all blasted?
All wasted?
   Not so, my heart: but there is fruit,
And thou hast hands.
   Recover all thy sigh-blown age
On double pleasures: leave thy cold dispute
Of what is fit, and not. Forsake thy cage, Thy rope of sands,
Which pettie thoughts have made, and made to thee
   Good cable, to enforce and draw,
And be thy law,
   While thou didst wink and wouldst not see.”
George Herbert
“The market is the best garden.”
George Herbert
“Love is swift of foot;/Love's a man of war.”
George Herbert
tags: love
“The God of love my shepherd is,            And he that doth me feed: While he is mine, and I am his,            What can I want or need?”
George Herbert, The Temple: Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations
“Peace, prattler.”
George Herbert
“None knows the weight of another’s burthen.”
George Herbert

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