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“There is something so attractive about a man who is able to laugh shamelessly.”
Shannon Dittemore, Angel Eyes
“But let me ask you this: when Canaan cloaked you with his wings and you disappeared from the Terrestrial realm, did you just...stop existing?"
"Of course not," I say, surprised by the question.
"It's the same thing, Elle. Ali and your mother have been cloaked by death. You can't see them, but they're not gone. Not really. Our spirits will outlive our physical bodies, so it's our spirits we have to take care of."

- page 285”
Shannon Dittemore, Angel Eyes
“A righteous God isn't bound by time. He has an eternity to make things right.”
Shannon Dittemore, Angel Eyes
“What if knowing the truth could change everything you thought was real?”
Shannon Dittemore, Broken Wings

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Shannon Dittemore
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