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“You own your own island?

Doesn't every Greek tycoon?”
Lynne Graham
“One Valentine's Day I woke up to find that my husband had laid a trail of red hearts from the bed and halfway around the house to my present. The gift was small because we didn't have much money but I was touched to the heart by the effort he had made to surprise and please me.”
Lynne Graham
tags: love
“(On having being just proposed to)

'Have you been thinking of this for long?' she managed jerkily, praying for the shock to recede so that she could behave a little more normally.

'Let's say it crept up on me,' he suggested lightly.

That didn't sound very romantic. Muggers crept up on you; so did old age.”
Lynne Graham, Tempestuous Reunion
“After all, Sergios was not all bad. He was tough, ruthless, arrogant and selfish, but while he might have the morals of an alley cat, he had been remarkably kind to her mother.”
Lynne Graham, A Deal at the Altar
“For that reason, trusting men had never come naturally to Kat, which was why she was still a virgin at thirty-five.”
Lynne Graham, A Bride for a Billionaire Box Set
“Her first real kiss and he had apologised.”
Lynne Graham, The Greek Tycoon's Convenient Mistress
“She had had such an unhappy childhood and she had only to picture some poor child suffering in a similar way for her heart to sink. Of course, she knew that she would never punish her child for poor academic performance. She would not comment on her child’s lack of good looks either. Nor would she ever tell her son or daughter as her mother had once told her that she was only staying in a bad, destructive relationship for their sake.”
Lynne Graham, The Italian Boss's Mistress
“Driving lessons,’ he raked down at her, his dark head lowering. ‘Putting you behind the wheel of a Porsche would be like putting an arsonist in a barn!”
Lynne Graham, Prisoner of Passion
“In the aftermath, she (Misty) still felt as though she were floating and as Leone shifted back from her she leant over him, silver-grey eyes bright with emotion, and whispered, ‘I died and went to heaven the day I found you.’
A wolfish grin of appreciation slashed his wide, sensual mouth.
‘Are you sure you’re feeling all right? You don’t sound at all like yourself.’
‘Enjoy it while it lasts,’ she advised, happiness flooding through her as he curved her close and pressed a slow, sweet kiss to her reddened mouth.
‘I didn’t realise I’d found heaven until I stumbled into hell,’ Leone traded feelingly.”
Lynne Graham, The Disobedient Mistress
Lynne Graham, Harlequin Presents April 2015 - Box Set 1 of 2: The Billionaire's Bridal Bargain / The Italian's Deal for I Do / At the Brazilian's Command / The Sheikh's Princess Bride
“People though are rarely all good or all evil but often a mixture of both and we all make mistakes.”
Lynne Graham, Roccanti's Marriage Revenge
Lynne Graham, Harlequin Presents February 2016 - Box Set 1 of 2: Leonetti's Housekeeper Bride / Castelli's Virgin Widow / The Consequence He Must Claim / Illicit Night with the Greek
“both, and”
Lynne Graham, Harlequin Presents May 2015 - Box Set 2 of 2: The Sheikh's Secret Babies / The Sins of Sebastian Rey-Defoe / At Her Boss's Pleasure / Craving Her Enemy's Touch
Lynne Graham, The Sheikh's Secret Babies
“I have married a stranger...only you become more familiar and yet more strange with every minute I spend in your company,”
Lynne Graham, The Secret Wife
“I'll do anything reasonable, but I won't be intimidated and I won't grovel.”
Lynne Graham
“You can't fool a child. She would sense the lack of warmth between us, feel the resentment, and hear the silences . . .”
Lynne Graham, A Savage Betrayal

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