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“Kids are like heroin -- an injection of pain when they're around, but even when they're not around it's like that next fix. You just can't stop thinking about it.”
Faye Kellerman, Hangman
“What's the difference between a classical guitar and a pizza? A pizza can feed a family of four.”
Faye Kellerman, Hangman
“That is a fart without wind....." in reference to when you can't back up what you say. very funny.”
Faye Kellerman, Straight into Darkness
“You’ve got a good side?”
“I do. I just don’t use it too often. My bad side’s so much more fun.”
Faye Kellerman, The Mercedes Coffin
tags: bad
“When it’s silent, your brain fills in the music,” Decker told him. “After all these years, I think I’ve finally learned how to listen.”
Faye Kellerman, The Beast
“True, my boy. Only Hashem is omniscient, and until He decides we’re worthy of His communication via prophets or the Messiah, we mortals are forced to live in a state of ignorance. I’ve spent my whole life learning, Detective, acquiring knowledge not only from the scriptures of my belief, but from countless other sources—American law, philosophy, psychology, economics, political science: I have studied them all at great length. Yet, a madman can slip under my nose, and I realize I know nothing. I am still a meaningless speck of dust in the scheme of things. A most humbling experience.”
Faye Kellerman, The Ritual Bath
“Life was a blank page written in invisible ink, a tale all told, just waiting to be deciphered.”
Faye Kellerman, The Quality of Mercy
“A cake can be very life-affirming.”
Faye Kellerman, Day of Atonement
“I know about fraternal and sororal serial killers. Yes, FYI, sororal is the proper adjective. Anyway, I looked up family serial killers. There have been a few in history—the Benders of Kansas in the late 1800s, the Sawney Bean clan on which the movie The Hills Have Eyes is based.”
Faye Kellerman, Bone Box
“I write well-fleshed out characters, and inevitably, more ideas spring from my subconscious. They all have a little bit of me in them. It’s very hard to figure out in advance how a story will unfold, but after having written so many novels, I feel more comfortable letting the ideas come up from somewhere in my own subconscious. Writing is much easier now because that sense of panic I used to experience doesn’t set in as I begin a new book.”
Faye Kellerman
“My series characters are like family to me. They actually talk to me, telling me what to write and what not to write. And when they talk, I always listen”
Faye Kellerman
“about two miles east of where the infant had been discarded. It was a Medicaid hospital, meaning that most of the patients were poor. Despite its location, it had a world-renowned reputation. When my baby sister, Hannah, needed some minor surgery, Rina insisted that she be taken to Mid-City instead of one of the bigger, more moneyed behemoth hospitals on the affluent west side of town.”
Faye Kellerman, Street Dreams
“Shabbat dishwasher that has been an absolute”
Faye Kellerman, The Burnt House
“when it happened, but now it appeared that she’d been even younger. The faded writing would be almost indecipherable even if it had been in English. It was going to take more than her knowledge of Yiddish to make out the text. The envelope had arrived in”
Faye Kellerman, Street Dreams
“THE DESCENT SEEMED faster than the ascent: standard in travel as well as in life.”
Faye Kellerman, The Beast
Faye Kellerman, False Prophet
Faye Kellerman, Justice
“showcase magnificent eyes: big and round and pale whiskey in color, set under arched black eyebrows and topped with an awning of long, dark lashes.”
Faye Kellerman, Street Dreams
“The paramedics told me the story.” He checked the clock, then signed a clipboard attached”
Faye Kellerman, Street Dreams
“solo last night. A busboy flagged down my cruiser when he heard the crying,” I said. “I was thinking about doing a door-to-door search for her mother”
Faye Kellerman, Street Dreams
“slightly agape, the hair pulled off the face. The woman appeared to be around forty. Even without benefit of color, he had seen enough postmortem photos to know what he was studying. “Rina,”
Faye Kellerman, Street Dreams
“I love the ability to let my mind explore whatever it wants. When you write it down, it has to be informed and make sense. But if you have an imagination, you can go everywhere. I love that--the inception--having a germ of an idea and building upon it. You can do whatever you want with it. Many writers would say you can play God.”
Faye Kellerman
“People were mulling around, skittering about like moths on a lightbulb. Then”
Faye Kellerman, Sacred and Profane
“She took the picture from him and set it back down on the table. “My grandmother.” She slipped her arms around her husband, biting his mustache”
Faye Kellerman, Street Dreams
“That’s not the same as bookkeeping!” How can she be so fucking clam!”
Faye Kellerman, Sacred and Profane
“animal sanctuary?”
Faye Kellerman, The Beast
“That’s so unfair!” Carson protested.”
Faye Kellerman, The Theory of Death
“her legs around his waist. “Do it.” He closed his eyes, losing himself in elation as he entered another universe. Her flesh around him—warm,”
Faye Kellerman, Blood Games
“variation on the words of the famous American president Abraham Lincoln: God must love stupid people because He certainly made a lot of them.”
Faye Kellerman, Straight into Darkness
“Decker looked at his sack lunch, sitting on the passenger’s seat of his unmarked. Guess he was going to eat in the car”
Faye Kellerman, Jupiter's Bones

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