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“When EVIL men make bad laws, righteous men disobey them."
Pastor Butch Paugh”
Tarrin P. Lupo
“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”
Tarrin P. Lupo
“KILL YOUR VICTIM Place an Obituary in the paper you know the victim reads. Place the ad on a Saturday morning. Anonymously spread a rumor that the victim died in an email to the victim’s co-workers, and send a link to the article in the paper. Obtain a blank death certificate and fill it out in your victim’s name. Send it to as many government agencies as possible. You definitely want to make sure you send it to the social security office and the victim’s financial institutions. If the government and banks think the victim is dead they will freeze the accounts for the probation process. Make sure to kill your victim on paper every year. This will cause a huge headache and the jerk will be buried by paperwork just trying to prove he’s alive. Because of the Social Security Department’s incompetence, they will continue to let you kill the victim over and over. This is a very nasty revenge idea that could possibly screw with the victim for the rest of their life. Call a local funeral home and the victim’s pastor and ask them to send someone over to the victim’s house to discuss burial arrangements with their spouse.”
Tarrin P. Lupo, Serious Revenge: Reference Handbooks and Manuals Humor and Satire

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