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“You're cute, but..."
He steps away from me, and I can breathe again. "Cute?" he spits. "For centuries women have wanted me, desired me. Royals requested me by name, and you think I am cute?”
Jennifer Harlow, Mind Over Monsters
“What’s that?”
“I believe it is called a Vicodin.”
My mouth gapes open, and I darn near tear up. “You brought me cake and drugs? If you included Casablanca, I’d have to marry you.”
Jennifer Harlow, Mind Over Monsters
“A few machines dance in the air, an orderly has to be sedated, and suddenly you’re Freddy freakin’ Krueger.”
Jennifer Harlow, Mind Over Monsters
“If I die, I am so coming back to haunt you.”
“You can even watch me shower.”
Jennifer Harlow, Mind Over Monsters
“Not all witches can control the elements, only a "high priestess" or as I like to think of them "uber-witches.”
Jennifer Harlow, To Catch A Vampire
“Glad I help you expand your horizons."
"Perhaps later we can return to your bedroom and I can expand yours.”
Jennifer Harlow, Death Takes a Holiday
“He appears beside me and hands me the gun. Guess I’m getting used to the disappearing and reappearing act of his. I only had a slight urge to pee my pants.”
Jennifer Harlow, Mind Over Monsters
“City's gripped in panic again,' I tell Harry. 'It must be a Tuesday,' he responds...”
Jennifer Harlow, Justice
tags: humor
“It's about five and the party begins at seven, so I have to get the hell out of here. I need to shower, shave, eat, straighten my hair, apply make-up, and try to get a cab on a Friday night. Ugh, girly things. Kill me now.”
Jennifer Harlow, Justice
“Sometimes there's not enough light in this godforsaken world to keep the darkness at bay.”
Jennifer Harlow, Justice
“All this sudden interest in my safety is getting old and stiffling. I feel like a pissed-off china doll.”
Jennifer Harlow, Justice
“Okay... I feel like total and utter shit. They could do a full-scale model of the Eiffel Tower with the amount of shit I feel like right now.”
Jennifer Harlow, Justice
“Great. A vampire with bruised feelings is a disaster waiting to happen. He's either terrorizing Will or moping around like Hamlet.”
Jennifer Harlow, Death Takes a Holiday
“Go get it over with, and I'll reward you with a cherry margarita," April says.
"With sugar rim?"
"Of course. What are we? Heathens?"
"I want two. And flan."
"Done. Now get over there. And be nice.”
Jennifer Harlow, Death Takes a Holiday
“And the Golden Globe for acting cool while really wanting to run screaming from the building goes to... the corpse of Bea Alexander.”
Jennifer Harlow, Death Takes a Holiday
“It takes all my willpower not to run like the Flash out of that club, but since it was bravado that's more or less kept me alive in the past few minutes, I must keep up appearances.”
Jennifer Harlow, Death Takes a Holiday
“I sigh. What a couple of days. Tomorrow I am so not leaving my bedroom. Not if there's a fire, an earthquake, or if Chris Evans shows up on my doorstep begging me to run off to Hawaii with him.”
Jennifer Harlow, Death Takes a Holiday
“Even the witch ends up with Prince Charming sometimes.”
Jennifer Harlow, What's a Witch to Do?
“Beyond the fact my brother is rich as Crocus,”
Jennifer Harlow, Verity Hart Vs The Vampyres: Part One

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