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“have to talk to Mr West. I’m sure he’ll be able to help you.’ ‘We’ll do that, Mrs Clegg,’ replied Fitzjohn. ‘Now, I don’t want to keep you too much longer but Mr Van Goren arrived at the Observatory last evening in a taxi so I take it he didn’t”
Jill Paterson, Lane's End
“It’s part of the human condition, Reynolds.  We feel responsible and guilt for much of which we’re not.”
Jill Paterson, Once Upon a Lie
“he said, ‘I don’t understand.”
Jill Paterson, Murder at the Rocks
Jill Paterson, Lane's End
Jill Paterson, Murder at the Rocks
Jill Paterson, The Celtic Dagger

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Murder at the Rocks (Alistair Fitzjohn, #2) Murder at the Rocks
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The Celtic Dagger (Alistair Fitzjohn, #1) The Celtic Dagger
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Lane's End (Alistair Fitzjohn, #4) Lane's End
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Once Upon a Lie (Alistair Fitzjohn, #3) Once Upon a Lie
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