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“Oh, there’s one low trick you can try if a cage fighter’s got you in a lock on the floor – tap out. He’s so used to it in training, he might just release you from force of habit, then you can hit him and run away.”
Lexi Revellian, Ice Diaries
“He had also tried to track down the three customers with PD11 droids who had not taken advantage of the free upgrades to PD12 and 13, hoping to download the software. One he couldn’t trace, the other two refused to cooperate, were indeed rather hostile – they had bonded with their companions, and didn’t want to be reminded of the workings beneath the skin.”
Lexi Revellian, Dreams of the Machines
“She underestimated Jace. As the man moved in to pursue his advantage, Jace sidestepped him, put his arm round his neck and pushed him off balance. This happened so fast Floss couldn’t follow the moves, even though she’d now done a bit of Krav Maga herself. Standing behind him, Jace tightened his grip, squeezing the man’s neck between his upper and lower arm. It took four seconds for the man’s eyes to close and his body to sag.”
Lexi Revellian, Dreams of the Machines
“Memory plays tricks. People think of it as a filing cabinet, but it’s more like a garden. Things left there change and grow.”
Lexi Revellian, The Trouble with Time

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