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“The terrors ingrained in a child went deeper than any anxiety acquired as an adult. The fear bred itself right into growing bones, mellowed into hatred, and became part of the DNA. In my case, it laced the edges of every cell, like heroin and equally addictive. The”
Anne McAneny, Skewed
“Political language . . . is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. —George Orwell”
Anne McAneny, Skewed
“once said that a mother could only be as happy as her saddest child.”
Anne McAneny, Vicarious
“Sam’s a—pardon my French—chicken-shit-paper-thin liar whose word is as good as a slaughterhouse bird promising golden eggs.” If”
Anne McAneny, Our Eyes Met Over Cantaloupe
“The art depicts duplicity and depravity,” he said, “but its purpose is to counteract the human tendency to fill in the blanks with goodness. We do that instinctively, and in ignorance, to compensate for breaches of the soul so deplorable that we can barely fathom them.” I”
Anne McAneny, Circled
“Often,” she said, “physical ailments drive the mental. The brain is an organ, after all. Someday, people will understand that better and stop treating mental disorders as if they’re this untouchable entity separated from the biological, like an ugly secret hiding beneath our skulls.”
Anne McAneny, Raveled
“I’m reminded on a monthly basis that I’m a damn Yankee.” “What’s makes you a damn Yankee?” “It’s a Yankee who comes down and stays.” He”
Anne McAneny, Chunneling Through Forty
“with an unexpected wave in the middle and a mild curl at the ends. A hat maker would have deemed it a wide head while a modeling agency would regard it as round,”
Anne McAneny, Circled
“Red next to black is a friend of Jack; red next to yellow will kill a fellow.”
Anne McAneny, Circled
“Great,” I said. “This narrows it down to the entire population of Appalachia and the members of ZZ Top.”
Anne McAneny, Skewed
“Hoop smiled and slugged her arm in return. “You do know, don’t you, Macy?” “Know what?” “That all the money in the world can’t bring you happiness.” “Course”
Anne McAneny, Circled
“As long as you promise we’ll be together forever.” Her smile provided all the answer he needed. “You never give up, do you?” “A giving-up person is not a snake-catching kind of person, and I, Macy LeGrange, am a snake-catching kind of person.” He shrugged his slim shoulders. “Ain’t never gonna change my mind about you. And if you decide not to have me in this life, you’ll have me in the next—’cause we’re all hoop snakes in the end.” He”
Anne McAneny, Circled
“could damn well die in this cursed storage unit, but I sure as shit refused to be defeated by a condiment, especially one I didn’t like.”
Anne McAneny, Skewed
“the Ben Franklin Bridge that would take her back to the City of Brotherly Love and to the comforts of her messy home. Relief should have been the last thing on her mind since the bridge spanned the Schuylkill River,”
Anne McAneny, Foreteller
“What was I supposed to do with this cyclone of emotions? I was melting and shrinking one second, enraged and erupting the next. I wanted to pass out—no—more—I wanted to grab the world by the scruff of its miserable neck and shake it until it behaved. I felt the dire need to exit by force any world that would let such events transpire. And”
Anne McAneny, Circled
“I backed away from his flash, my relationship with cameras contradictory at best, schizophrenic at worst.”
Anne McAneny, Skewed
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