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“But thinking never took away tears. Only time did.”
Allan Folsom, The Day After Tomorrow
“..Well, I did go. To Auschwitz. And the warning was correct. Not because I was not permitted to describe what I had seen, but because I could not describe what I had seen. The piles of glasses. The piles of shoes. The piles of bones. The piles of human hair. I thought that I had never seen the kind of thinking that did this, that I had never seen this kind of reality. Not in movies, not in theater. Yet it was real.”
Allan Folsom
“He and Marten may be needles in a haystack, but straw by straw the hay is being taken away. It's only a matter of time, hours at most, before the floor is bare and the needles and right there in front of us.”
Allan Folsom, The Machiavelli Covenant
“He was tired, he realized, emotionally and physically. He wanted to lie down and turn off the world and sleep for a week.”
Allan Folsom, Day of Confession
“Lifting the pillow, he brought out kanarack's gun and hefted it in his hand. Tipping it toward him, he saw the hole where death came out. It looked easy. Even seductive. The Simplest way of all. No more fear of the police, or of the tall man. Best of all, his pain would be instantly gone. He Wondered why he hadn't thought of it before.”
Allan Folsom, The Day After Tomorrow
Allan Folsom, The Day After Tomorrow
“It was a moment before she replied. And in that moment, she realized that what was gone from her was the child in her, she'd crossed a brink from which there was no turning back. Whoever she had been, she was not anymore. And her life, for better or worse, would never again be what it had.”
Allan Folsom, The Day After Tomorrow

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