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“I've barely said five words to you. What indication could you possibly have that I am a Yankee?"

"Well, we could start with the words 'what indication.' Someone from south of the Mason-Dixon would have said, 'Who the hell are you calling a Yankee?' Then we would have fought.”
Jana Deleon
“Facebook had to be the biggest playground for self-absorbed assholes that the world had ever seen.”
Jana Deleon, Louisiana Longshot
“Are you sure you weren't adopted?"
"Mom would like to think so, but it was a natural birth, so her memory's real clear.”
Jana Deleon, Unlucky
“I’d always gone out of my way to streamline my life—removing all potential complication. I suddenly realized that mostly meant not having people around. Clearly, people were the biggest complication life threw at you.”
Jana Deleon, Louisiana Longshot
“Don’t let the decor distract you,” Gertie said. “I’d have to go blind for this not to distract me.” “Got that right,” Ida Belle grumbled. “Makes my butt itch, it’s so loud.” Gertie”
Jana Deleon, Lethal Bayou Beauty
“You really got him!” Gertie yelled. “Holy crap! I ate a bug. Jeez, someone get some mouthwash. Gah! I ate another one.”
Jana Deleon, Soldiers of Fortune
“Young love ends for hundreds of different reasons,” Gertie said and sighed. Ida Belle nodded. “But usually, life strangles it to death.”
Jana Deleon, Lethal Bayou Beauty
“Slapping a man across the face with a fish hasn’t been sexy since the fifties.”
Jana Deleon, Lethal Bayou Beauty
“If we can’t laugh at ourselves, who can we laugh at?” I stared at her. “Other people?”
Jana Deleon, Swamp Team 3
“You’re implying that Gertie is too old to be having fun, and that’s wrong. If Gertie wants to dress like a hooker and ride an alligator float down the bayou when she’s a hundred and two, she should do it.”
Jana Deleon, Soldiers of Fortune
“If our mothers are rolling over every time we do something on their list of things a lady shouldn’t do, they’ve been flopping like flounder since they were buried.”
Jana Deleon, Fortune Hunter
“She closed her eyes and shook her head. I was fairly certain she was praying—whether it was for strength or a vial of untraceable poison, I wasn’t certain.”
Jana Deleon, Swamp Team 3
“To my husband, Harold, I leave the Lower Bayou Motel. You’ve spent so many nights there with other women that I felt you should call the place home. It’s been operating in the red for the last eight years, owes back taxes since 1986, and is covered with deadly asbestos. Nothing but the best for you, dear.”
Jana Deleon, Trouble in Mudbug
“Lord save us all from the machinations of an intelligent female.”
Jana Deleon, Louisiana Longshot
“I think being pissed is a good thing,” Eleonore said. “If you’re just a little angry, then you let things go, but if you’re really pissed, you make sure that things change. I’ve made a lot of positive changes in my life because of being pissed.”
Jana Deleon, Sinister
“We’re all broken. Some of us are just in more pieces. It’s how we handle it that makes us brave, and from where I’m sitting, you’re the bravest person I’ve ever met.”
Jana Deleon, Diabolical
“One time,” Gertie said. “You go out into a hurricane one time and you never hear the end of it.”
Jana Deleon, Hurricane Force
“Ida Belle nodded. "All sorts of things rose out of the ground during Edgar. Why, my mother's coffin popped straight up out of the grave and cruised down Main Street. I always said you couldn't keep Moter down”
Jana Deleon, Louisiana Longshot
“In my experience, the only thing that worked on crazy was crazier, and I could definitely top anything Sinful could deal out.”
Jana Deleon, Swamp Sniper
“Forrest Gump had gotten it all wrong. Life wasn’t a box of chocolates. It was a box of ex-lax, and I felt like I’d consumed the entire thing.”
Jana Deleon, Louisiana Longshot
“My mom always said we can’t pick our family,” he said, “but we can make our own. I’ve got some relatives I prefer at a distance and some friends I’d give the shirt off my back.”
Jana Deleon, Resurrection in Mudbug
“Did you ever think you had all the answers when you were in the thick of something, but then when you take a step back, you realize you were so busy getting things done that you never stopped to ask yourself if it’s what you really want to do?”
Jana Deleon, Louisiana Longshot
“True,'' Ida Belle said, ''but despite all of that, he's still interested. I may be an old maid, but I know what male interest looks like.''
Gertie waved a hand at her. ''Walter slipping you a free pack of toilet paper with your grocery order hardly qualifies as the ultimate in male interest. But despite Ida Belles overblown description of her knowledge of how men think, I think she's right this time”
Jana Deleon, Swamp Sniper
“Ladies don't shake hands," She said finally.

"I'm sorry," I said as I drew my hand back. "No one told me you were a lady.”
Jana Deleon, Lethal Bayou Beauty
tags: humor
“Gertie hit the brakes and tried to stop, but she tripped over a lip in the sidewalk and went sprawling right into the burro, then hit the pavement, her tutu skirt flipped up over her back, exposing her camouflage underwear. Tiny swung his head around to see what all the racket was and launched off the car door, setting off down the sidewalk toward the burro-Gertie wreck at high speed.”
Jana Deleon, Gator Bait
“I don’t know whether to be happy he’s made my job so easy,” Carter said, “or pissed off that someone that stupid not only roams the earth, but lives in my hometown.”
Jana Deleon, Swamp Sniper
“Some say the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom," Gertie said. "I think the fear of women is the beginning of wisdom. At least for men.”
Jana Deleon, Reel of Fortune
“It always feels better when someone understands that you’re standing in a shit storm holding a broken umbrella.”
Jana Deleon, Soldiers of Fortune
“Then Gertie kicked Ida Belle under the table and she lifted her gaze to mine.
''I'm sorry I made you ride naked in my car wearing a trash bag,'' she said, not sounding the least bit sorry. ''No, you're not,'' I said”
Jana Deleon, Louisiana Longshot
“think sometimes it takes a life-changing event to make us really see the way we’re living based on the choices we’ve made.”
Jana Deleon, Louisiana Longshot

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