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“Isaiah go home and get some sleep, said God.

Isaiah went home, slept, woke again.

Isaiah felt a sensation below the neck, it was a silk and bitter sensation.

Isaiah looked down.

It was milk forcing the nipples open.

Isaiah was more than whole.

I am not with you am in you, said the muffled white voice of God.”
Anne Carson, Glass, Irony and God
“There are regular towns and irregular towns, there are wounded towns and sober towns and fiercely remembered towns, there are useless, but passionate towns that battle on, there are towns where the snow slides from the roofs of the houses with such force that victims are killed, but there are not empty towns (just empty scholars) and there is no regret. Now move along.”
Anne Carson, Plainwater: Essays and Poetry
“what song of death, what dance of Hades shall I do?”
Anne Carson, Grief Lessons: Four Plays by Euripides
“Somehow Geryon made it to adolescence. Then he met Herakles and the kingdoms of his life all shifted down a few notches. ... Geryon was going into the Bus Depot one Friday night about three a.m. to get change to call home. Herakles stepped oof the bus from New Mexico and Geryon came fast around the corner of the platform and there it was one of those moments that is the opposite of blindness. The world poured back and forth between their eyes once or twice.”
Anne Carson, Autobiography of Red
I'm interested in monogamous.
I got married last May

and had my honeymoon is Stykkishólmur.
This year I returned to Stykkishólmur
to live with my husband

for three months in one small room.
This extreme monogamy
proved almost too much for us.

Rather than murder each other
we rented a second place
(Greta's house)

near the pool.
Now we are happily duogamous.”
Anne Carson, Float
“Do you have change for a dollar? Geryon heard Geryon say. No. Herakles stared straight at Geryon. But I'll give you a quarter for free. Why would you do that? I believe in being gracious. Some hours later they were down at the railroad tracks standing close together by the switch lights. The huge night moved overhead scattering drops of itself. You're cold, said Herakles suddenly, your hands are cold. Here. He put Geryon's hands inside his shirt.”
Anne Carson, Autobiography of Red
“The fact that Anna is somewhere
having coffee or a dream
is an assault on me.
I hate these moments of poverty,
What does man eat? ask the phenomenologists.
Likes the dogs, names,
down there,
Anne Carson
“Like the terrestrial crust of the earth / which is proportionately ten times thinner than an eggshell, the skin of the soul / is a miracle of mutual pressures.”
Anne Carson, Autobiography of Red
“Your voice I know. It had me terrified. When I hear it in dreams, from time to time all my life, it sounds like a taunt—but dreams distort sound, for they send it over many waters. During these hard days, I, a pilgrim, am giving my consideration to this. I trudge along the bottom of the river and the questioning goes on in me. What are we made of but hunger and rage? His heels rise and fall in front of me. How surprised I am to be entangled in the knowledge of some other animal.”
Anne Carson, Plainwater: Essays and Poetry
“Her marble tears run down her marble face.
A stranger is someone who has no handkerchief.

Who has no words to say.

Whose shadow mind is burning
as he sits watching her hands
and thinks how rare!

to see a Roman
with no gestures at all.”
Anne Carson, Glass, Irony and God
“If you are not the free person you want to be you must find a place to tell the truth about that. To tell how things go for you. Candor is like a skein being produced inside the belly day after day, it has to get itself woven out somewhere. You could whisper down a well. You could write a letter and keep it in a drawer. You could inscribe a curse on a ribbon of lead and bury it in the ground to lie unread for thousands of years. The point is not to find a reader, the point is the telling itself. Consider a person standing alone in a room. The house is silent. She is looking down at a piece of paper. Nothing else exists. All her veins go down into this paper. She takes her pen and writes on it some marks no one else will ever see, she bestows on it a kind of surplus, she tops it off with a gesture as private and accurate as her own name”
Anne Carson
“Facts are bigger in the dark.”
Anne Carson
tags: truth
“So about an hour later we are in the taxi
shooting along empty country roads towards town.
The April light is clear as an alarm.

As we pass them it gives a sudden sense of every object
existing in space on its own shadow.
I wish I could carry this clarity with me

into the hospital where distinctions tend to flatten and coalesce.
I wish I had been nicer to him before he got crazy.
These are my two wishes.”
Anne Carson, Glass, Irony and God
“A thousand questions hit my eyes from the inside.”
Anne Carson, Glass, Irony and God
“I lack myself.”
Anne Carson, Grief Lessons: Four Plays by Euripides
“to carry one's own door will make a person
clumsy, tired and strange
on the other hand, it may come in useful
if you go places that don't have an obvious way in, like normality
or an obvious way out, like the classic double bind”
Anne Carson, Antigonick
tags: doors
“I went mad, a god hurt me, I fell.”
Anne Carson, Grief Lessons: Four Plays by Euripides
“perhaps you know that Ingeborg Bachmann poem
from the last years of her life that begins
"I lose my screams"
dear Antigone,
I take it as the task of the translator
to forbid that you should ever lose your screams”
Anne Carson, Antigonick
“The moon makes a traveler hunger for something bitter in the world, what is it? I will vanish; others will come here, what is that? An old question.”
Anne Carson, Plainwater: Essays and Poetry
“It is perilous to live past the end of your myth”
Ann Carson
tags: myth
“Up against another human being one’s own procedures take on definition.”
Anne Carson
“On the Rules of Perspective
A bad trick. Mistake. Dishonesty. These are the views of Braque. Why? Braque rejected perspective. Why? Someone who spends his life drawing profiles will end up believing that man has one eye, Braque felt. Braque wanted to take full possession of objects. He said as much in published interviews. Watching the small shiny planes of the landscape recede out of his grasp filled Braque with loss so he smashed them. Nature morte, said Braque.”
Anne Carson, Plainwater: Essays and Poetry
“We are slaves to the gods. Whatever gods are.”
Anne Carson, An Oresteia
tags: gods
“To be a prophet, Knox emphasizes, requires living in and looking at the present, at what is really going on around you.”
Anne Carson
“Geryon closed his eyes and listened to engines vibrating deep in the moon-splashed
canals of his brain.”
Anne Carson, Autobiography of Red

All the same there are some small questions one would like to put to Sokrates. Or better still Sappho. Avec tes mains brûlées.”
Anne Carson, Men in the Off Hours
“A paste of blue cloud untangled itself on the red sky over the harbour.”
Anne Carson, Autobiography of Red
“What sense is there in pain at all—however we contrive it for ourselves as we cast about for ways to bind up the wound between us and God?”
Anne Carson
tags: god, pain
“We live by waters breaking out of the heart.”
Anne Carson, Plainwater: Essays and Poetry
“Components of today include a shape asleep on the floor an erased white world the tumblers vibrating in the closet and he brought the wrong book. Alive in a room as usual.”
Anne Carson, Red Doc>

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