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“Is this your car?” I raised an eyebrow at him.
“No. I thought I’d steal one and drive it into town. Think
anyone will notice?” Graham reached across to unlock the passenger’s-
side door, then pushed it open. “You wouldn’t know
how to hotwire by any chance?”
Anastasia Hopcus, Shadow Hills
“The real reason I couldn’t tear my gaze away, the thing that
turned my muscles to ice even as my skin burned, was the one
and only thought running through my mind: That’s him. That is
the guy from my dream.”
Persephone 'Phe' Archer, Shadow Hills
“I love the hint of copper in your eyes, radiating out like the sun, turning your pupils into an eclipse.' He ran his thumb down my cheekbone. 'The different striations of color, how every band of green is its own unique shade. A shard of a broken Heineken bottle, a blade of grass, moss on a rusty can.'

'Romantic...' I laughed.”
Anastasia Hopcus
tags: phe, zach
“Think about my invitation. It’s not a bad way to start off the year—on the arm of the most eligible bachelor in
school . . . See you tomorrow, Goldilocks.” Trent winked and,
finally releasing my captive hand, walked away.”
Anastasia Hopcus, Shadow Hills
“But I did what I had to do. We aren’t supposed to be with outsiders. These
are the rules we live by, and there’s a reason for them."

-Corinne Redford”
Anastasia Hopcus, Shadow Hills
“You can't leave, Zach," Corinne said through gritted teeth.
He walked right past her. "Watch me.”
Anastasia Hopcus, Shadow Hills

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