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“Why are you limping like that?' Nicholas demanded.
'I'm swaggering,' I informed him.
'You look like you're wearing a diaper.'
Charming. And I had a crush on this guy.
I had a crush on this guy?
'Now what?' he asked. 'You're making weird faces.'
'Nothing,' I said quickly. 'Never mind.”
Alyxandra Harvey, My Love Lies Bleeding
“Do we have a plan?'
'We fight like hell.'
'Good plan.”
Alyxandra Harvey, My Love Lies Bleeding
“Exactly. These guys just want me to play Snow White singing in her little cottage while they do all the work.'
Lucy snorted. 'Snow White and the Seven Buttheads. You could give Disney a run for their money.'
Nicholas poked her in the ribs. 'I am not a singing dwarf!'
'No, you're a butthead. Weren't you paying attention?”
Alyxandra Harvey, Blood Feud
“There was a family joke that Lucy's first words were, "Nicholas is bugging me!”
Alyxandra Harvey, My Love Lies Bleeding
“Where is Nicholas?” Kieran asked.

“He’s locked in a closet,” Lucy said with grim satisfaction. After a moment of stunned silence, Quinn snorted out a laugh.

“You locked your boyfriend in a closet?” I asked.

“Cool,” Chloe approved. The rhinestones on her earrings caught the blue lantern light.

Lucy shrugged. “Serves him right. He locked me in there last week."

"Chapter 11”
Alyxandra Harvey, Out for Blood
“Where's Lucy?" I asked the others.
"At the farmhouse," Nicholas said with grim satisfaction.
"How'd you manage that?"
"She's in a closet." Solange rolled her eyes.
I stared at Nicholas. "You locked your girlfriend in a closet? Smooth."
"She's going to eviscerate him," Quinn said cheerfully.”
Alyxandra Harvey, Blood Feud
“What got you through?" I whispered. "Do you remember?"
He nodded but wouldn't look at me. When he didn't elaborate, I turned to face him. "What? Is it a secret? Don't I know all the Drake secrets by now?"
He shifted uncomfortably. "I guess"
"What then?"
I swallowed, stunned. "Me?"
"Yeah" He stood up and went to the door, where he paused for the barest second. "You got me through".”
Alyxandra Harvey, My Love Lies Bleeding
“Tucking my nose into a book makes me completely oblivious to my surroundings. I would have made a terrible spy in the army--the first person to hand me a novel would have been able to shoot my head clean off without me noticing.”
Alyxandra Harvey, Haunting Violet
“My parents want to do things differently. Dad's big on treaties.'
'And your mother?' Isabeau inquired.
'She's big on making grown men cry.”
Alyxandra Harvey, Blood Feud
“Nice dress. Can you breathe in that thing?”
I smoothed the front of my dress. “It would be much more fun to wear if it wasn’t what I was going to be buried in.”
“You are not going to be buried.” He paused, lifted the clothes up suspiciously.
“Vampires don’t bury their victims,” he added distractedly.
“Hey, looking for comfort here.”
Alyxandra Harvey, My Love Lies Bleeding
“Hey, get off my sister,” Kieran barked from the other side.

“Get lost, Black,” I called out. “And she’s not your sister.”

“May as well be.”

“Well, you stop kissing Solange and I’ll stop kissing Hunter.”


"Chapter 24”
Alyxandra Harvey, Out for Blood
“He went farther into the shadows to exchange his pants for the leather breeches. Too bad. When he emerged again, he looked pretty good even though it wasn’t his style. And he was lucky there were no tights, after all. He tilted his head.
'You like it.'
'Shut up.' I blushed. I hated vampire extrasensory perception. It wasn’t fair that he could hear my heartbeat or smell my skin or what ever.
'Girls are so weird.'
Kieran snorted. 'No kidding.'
'Please, you two were fighting ten minutes ago, and now you’re the best of friends?' I said witheringly. 'Guys are weird.”
Alyxandra Harvey, My Love Lies Bleeding
“(Lucy to Isabeau)"
“Cool.” She tilted her head. “You don’t look crazy.”
“You’re like a runaway train,” Logan groaned at her. “Can’t you shut her up?” he asked his brother pleadingly.
“How?” Nicholas said somewhat helplessly.
“Kiss her, you idiot.”
Alyxandra Harvey, Blood Feud
“She craned her neck, glared at me through the small opening, and took a step back.

And then she kicked my door in.

Was it any wonder I was falling for her?"

"Chapter 24”
Alyxandra Harvey, Out for Blood
“Only you would reduce centuries of the mythical undead to ‘fangy. ’ ” (Quinn to Lucy)”
Alyxandra Harvey, Out for Blood
“Love is the best revenge”
Alyxandra Harvey, Blood Feud
“I can do this, Logan," she said confidently. "Kala trained me for this."
"What if something goes wrong? I can't exactly wave a magic wand over you. I'm not Harry Potter."
"Never mind.”
Alyxandra Harvey, Blood Feud
“Embroidery?" I sucked at embroidery. Aunt Hyacinth had tried to teach me, but we'd both given it up as a lost cause.Lucy, strangely, had picked it up really quickly and embroidered a tapestry of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow for my last birthday.”
Alyxandra Harvey, My Love Lies Bleeding
“I’m here to take you on a date.”
I blinked. “A date?” I repeated as if it was a foreign word I’d never heard before.
“You know, where we go out, hold hands, cast longing glances at each other? It’s tradition. You might have heard of it.”
“But I have class.”
“Class?” Now he was looking at me as if I was speaking a different language. “But it’s ten o’clock at night.”
“We have classes until midnight.” I smiled pointedly. “The thing about vampires is that they kind of like the night. It’s tradition. You might have heard of it?”
“Oh, smart mouth.” He grinned back. “Sexy.”
Alyxandra Harvey, Out for Blood
“I read a lot. I love books. If they came in a bottle, I'd be a drunk too.”
Alyxandra Harvey, Bleeding Hearts
“Any more packages for Solange?”

“Twelve letters, three packages, and a box of puppies.”

I winced. “Puppies?”

“They’re fine. Isabeau took them all.”

“Good. Who eats puppies?” I shook my head.

“Yeah, Isabeau swore in French. A lot.”


“Yeah, Logan nearly went cross-eyed.”

"Chapter 12”
Alyxandra Harvey, Out for Blood
“Finally, a bit of luck. Rat bastard,' I hissed down at Montmartre. 'Mangy dog of a scurvy goat.'
'That doesn’t even make sense,' Isabeau murmured.
'Feels good though. Try it.'
She narrowed her eyes at the top of Montmartre’s perfectly groomed hair. 'Balding donkey’s ass.'
'Sniveling flea-bitten rabid monkey droppings.'
'Clearly, you’re a natural.”
Alyxandra Harvey, Blood Feud
“All right.” Lucy shouldered her way to my side and made a waving motion as if they were annoying flies. “Shoo!” She narrowed her eyes. “I said shoo.”
They dispersed, mostly startled into moving. Only Logan remained, leaning casually against the wall.
“Darling, I’m not some insect to be chased away.”
“Darling?” She snorted amiably. “You’re not ninety years old, either.”
He straightened. “I’m charming,” he informed her. “And women like endearments.”
Alyxandra Harvey, My Love Lies Bleeding
“Don’t you read?” I asked Nicholas, disgusted. “If you leave me here now that you’ve got Solange all safe, they’ll grab me to get to her.”

Solange opened the back door and I leaped in. The car sped off . Shadows flitted beside us, menacing, hungry. I shivered. Then I smacked the back of Nicholas’s head.

Alyxandra Harvey, My Love Lies Bleeding
'Yes?' I pulled my clothes back on even though the fabric stuck to my wounds. So much for trying to keep them clean.
'How did you know it wasn’t really me?'
'Are you kidding? Your eyeballs could be on fire and you wouldn’t bat your lashes at me like that.”
Alyxandra Harvey, Blood Feud
“Hart and Hope,” I muttered. “If you’re going to name your kids like that, of course they’re going to think they live in a comic book.”
Alyxandra Harvey, My Love Lies Bleeding
tags: lucy
“Solange leaned back against the wall, bored. “Are you done yet?”
“Hell no,” Lucy said. She’d left nose prints on the glass. Nicholas smirked up at her. She blushed. “Ooops. Busted.”
“I told you they could hear your heartbeat,” Solange said.
“Even from up here.”
“I can’t help it. Even if they all know they’re pretty and are insufferably arrogant,” she added louder. “Can they hear that?”
“Good.” She glanced at me. “Yummy, right?”
“I’m sure Isabeau would rather recover, not ogle my brothers,”
Solange said. “You remember how stressed you were after the Hypnos?”
“Please,” Lucy scoffed. “This is totally soothing.”
Alyxandra Harvey, Blood Feud
“Logan, don’t be an ass.”
“I have been sleeping in mud. I’m covered in dirt and blood and these were my favorite pants before I landed in raccoon shit.”
Alyxandra Harvey, My Love Lies Bleeding
tags: logan
“I’m just trying to do the right thing. I’m a vampire.”
“And you’re not.”
“Again: duh.”
“I could hurt you. I could lose control.”
“If you were anyone else, I’d have kneecapped you by now.”
Alyxandra Harvey, Out for Blood
“Very possibly this was the night my white-knight complex, as Solange put it, would get me killed. Someone had better write a poem about it. It was only fair.”
Alyxandra Harvey, Blood Feud

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