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“Stay on my six, he said, nuzzling the hair at her ear and breathing deeply the sweet scent of her.

You remember what that is, right?

It's your ass.”
Lynn Raye Harris, Hot Pursuit
“I’ll move heaven and earth to make you happy, Evie. I want you there when I wake up every morning and there when I go to sleep at night. I love you, even if you don’t do a damn thing I tell you to do.”
Lynn Raye Harris, Hot Pursuit
“You’ve made mistakes, and you have every right to regret them. But don’t let them own you, Evie. Don’t let them be more important than they are.”
Lynn Raye Harris, Hot Pursuit
“Sometimes waiting makes the culmination that much sweeter.”
Lynn Raye Harris, Strangers in the Desert
“No, but I imagine there's a gun tucked away somewhere on your body. And I know what you can do with that, hotshot."

He took a step toward her. "With what, sweetheart? With the gun? Or the body?”
Lynn Raye Harris, Hot Shot
“The necklace, Marcos,” she said firmly, leveling the gun at his heart once more. “I’ll take it now.”

“It’s not here, querida. You waste your time.”

Francesca lowered the gun to point at his groin. “Killing you would be too good. Perhaps I will simply have to deprive the female world of your ability to make love ever again. I am quite a good shot, I assure you.”

She’d learned out of necessity. And though she never wanted to harm another human being, she had no compunction about making this man think she would do so if it meant she could save Jacques.

His voice dropped to a growl. A hateful, angry growl. “You won’t get away with this. Whoever you are, Frankie, I will find you. I will find you and make you wish you’d never met me.”

Her heart flipped in her chest. She ignored it. “I already wish that. Now give me the jewel before you lose the ability to ever have children.”

Bitterness twisted inside her as she said those words. Ironic to threaten someone with something she would never wish on another soul. But she had to be hard, cold, ruthless – just like he was.

He stared at her in impotent fury, his jaw grinding, his beautiful black eyes flashing daggers at her. Very slowly, he reached up with one hand and slipped his bowtie free of its knot.

Then he jerked it loose and let it fall.”
Lynn Raye Harris, The Devil's Heart
“She looked like a somewhat frightened and helpless woman, and yet he knew she was a deadly assassin. The same as he was. She was like one of those startlingly beautiful creatures in the wild—colorful and attractive, but deadly when touched.”
Lynn Raye Harris, Hot Rebel
“He closed the distance between them, slipped an arm around her waist beneath the blanket. His fingers traced her jaw, slid into the hair at her nape. “You are a fascinating woman, Paige. No wonder Russell chose you for this task. Or did you volunteer?”

With a tug, she was flush against him. The blanket fell away as she let it go to press her hands against his chest. Paige closed her eyes. His naked chest.

His skin was hot beneath her hands, silky and hard, and she wanted to pet him like a cat.

How could she possibly find him sexy at a time like this?

“Let me go,” she breathed.

“Before you’ve done what you came to do?”

“I didn’t come here to do anything.”

“What did Russell offer you?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“Were you supposed to seduce me? Supposed to leave me sated and exhausted in bed while you went through my papers?” His head dipped toward her. “Because I have to say, Paige, that I am very disappointed in your technique thus far. But I find I am quite willing to allow you to complete your mission.

She knew she should pull away when his lips touched hers, but it was physically impossible. Not because he held her too tightly, but because her body was zinging with sparks that she didn’t want to end…”
Lynn Raye Harris, Prince Voronov's Virgin
“He'd told her she was his. That he was jealous and he wasn't sharing her. Where the hell had that come from?

He didn't know, but as she leaned forward and pressed her mouth to his abdomen, he knew he'd spoken the truth. He was jealous. Completely and utterly, and it twisted him up inside to realize it.”
Lynn Raye Harris, Hot Shot
“Why are you giving me a hard time?" she growled.

"Sweetheart, I’d love to give you a hard time. Anytime you want.”
Lynn Raye Harris, Hot Rebel
“Why is everything an argument with you?”

For some reason, that made her smile. “You like it that way and you know it. What would you do with someone who obeyed every command you gave her?”

He snorted. “I’d give her a lot of filthy commands that she could fulfill.”


“Really? You’re the one who mentioned this theoretical woman obeying all my commands.”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake, I’ll sleep first,” she grumbled, crawling in the back just to shut him up . Next thing, he’d be telling her what those commands would be— and she didn’t need to hear it.”
Lynn Raye Harris, Hot Rebel
“You need to acquire a lover, Madam President.”
Lynn Raye Harris, Captive But Forbidden
“You wouldn’t be asking me that if I was a man,” she said. “And frankly, it’s none of your fucking business.”

Mendez nodded, once and firmly. “If you work for me, it is my business. And yeah, I would ask a man. You’d be surprised how many of these guys can’t keep it in their pants.” He shook his head as if pained and Nick nearly laughed.”
Lynn Raye Harris, Hot Rebel
“She lost herself in the kiss, moving her body against his, her excitement rising, the tension inside her spinning tighter and tighter.”
Lynn Raye Harris, Hot Shot
“You didn’t stop loving someone you’d been attached to for so much of your life, even when you’d had a falling out. You always grieved the friendship lost. And now that she had him in her life again, she didn’t want to lose that connection.”
Lynn Raye Harris, Hot Pursuit
“be a military lawyer or something.”
Lynn Raye Harris, Hot Pursuit
“Victoria started to text something else, but then she shoved her phone in her pocket and yanked open the door. Why was she trading insults with him on a phone when he was right there?”
Lynn Raye Harris, Hot Rebel
“Recognition hit Victoria like an unexpected encounter with a bat.”
Lynn Raye Harris, Hot Rebel
“How was I supposed to stop you, Dane?” she cried. “I’d given you everything, and it wasn’t enough. I wasn’t enough.”
Lynn Raye Harris, Hot SEAL
“Half my damn team’s shacked up with someone they met on the job, so don’t bet any money on me not asking every motherfucker that comes through this door who he, or she, is sleeping with.”
Lynn Raye Harris, Hot Rebel
“The contact was shocking—and delicious in a way she hadn’t anticipated. She’d been kissed before, but this… this was better than any of those kisses had been.”
Lynn Raye Harris, Hot Rebel
“I knew you were looking down my shirt,” she said, her voice sounding all prim and scandalized. God, it turned him on. Because she looked tough and dirty, not at all innocent. The voice of a virgin and the body of a sinner.”
Lynn Raye Harris, Hot Rebel
“her throat, and she hoped like hell he couldn’t see it. But”
Lynn Raye Harris, Hot SEAL
“Because being near her twenty-four seven was certain to kill him. He’d spent years thinking about her, months calling her, and hours fantasizing about kissing her again. He still didn’t know why he’d kissed her, except that he’d been so damn relieved she was alive. He’d been the one to find her, and in those few moments before the other guys arrived, she’d clung to him. It had killed him to see her so vulnerable. So he’d just lowered his head and kissed her. Maybe to impart strength, maybe because he just had to.”
Lynn Raye Harris, Dangerously Hot
“Maybe you’re right about me and I do find it hard to trust—but I don’t regret trying with you, Ivy. What would I do differently? I’d have chosen you when you gave me that ultimatum.”
Lynn Raye Harris, Hot SEAL
“You wanted to know what I would do differently,” she blurted, her heart racing like mad. “I wouldn’t give you an ultimatum. I would trust that everything would be okay. And if it wasn’t, then at least we tried.”
Lynn Raye Harris, Hot SEAL
“My God, I feel so many confusing things when my eyes meet this girl’s. She’s like a little sister to me—and she’s not like a sister at all. She’s someone I want to protect, and someone I want to taste and touch and hold.”
Lynn Raye Harris, Reckless Heat
“But they were a brotherhood, even if they were different services. SEALs worked with other services on operations. Dane had worked with Delta Force, Marine Force Recon, Air Force PJs, the CIA, ATF, and DEA in the past.”
Lynn Raye Harris, Hot SEAL
“She was Maya’s kid. Little Maya. He hadn’t thought of her in years. She’d betrayed him, betrayed the family, when she’d run away to America with her sailor man.”
Lynn Raye Harris, Hot SEAL
“Loving someone didn’t mean you were capable of having a relationship with them, especially if they didn’t have the same level of commitment to it as you.”
Lynn Raye Harris, Behind the Palace Walls

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