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“In fact, people who posses not magic at all can instill their home-cooked meals with love and security and health, transforming ingredients and bringing disparate people together as family and friends. There's a reason that when opening one's home to guests, the first thing you do is offer food and drink. Cooking is a kind of everyday magic.”
Juliet Blackwell
“Free’s my favorite price.”
Juliet Blackwell, Secondhand Spirits
“You know I wouldn't know a Louis Vuitton from a Louis L'Amour”
Juliet Blackwell, Dead Bolt
“I work in my pajamas most of the time. No matter what you’re wearing, you can sound businesslike on the phone.”
Juliet Blackwell, Secondhand Spirits
“The dead lie unburied and unconsecrated above ground, while the living cower deep beneath the surface of the earth. The world, upside down.”

Juliet Blackwell, The Vineyards of Champagne
“I'm Lily Ivory, and this is my friend Sailor."
"You sail?"
"No. It's my name, not my avocation.”
Juliet Blackwell, Spellcasting in Silk
tags: humour
“—a freak. I don’t want to be seen as a scary freak anymore.” And with that I dropped a freeze-dried bat into the bubbling brew.”
Juliet Blackwell, Secondhand Spirits
“One reason I was so drawn to clothing was that, like cooking, it was a realm where non-witches experienced a little everyday magic. Put on a different outfit and your whole outlook on life could transform. There is a reason we refer to it as “changing”: When you put on an outfit that is perfect for you, you change. The”
Juliet Blackwell, Secondhand Spirits
“Don’t be too nice to him,” I teased. “He’ll never leave.”
Juliet Blackwell, Hexes and Hemlines
“Not pretty exactly, but gleaming with the loveliness of youth.”
Juliet Blackwell, Secondhand Spirits
“What is truth? It is the story that is told.”
Juliet Blackwell, Letters from Paris
“So I did the honorable thing,” he said with a sigh.
His mother laughed and his father barked like a seal, slapping his meaty hand down on the corner.
“It’s a good thing you’re nice looking, son,” his father said, “Because the brains didn’t take well in the womb.”
“Wh...what?” he sputtered.
“Letting a good woman go isn’t honorable. It’s plain stupid, is what it is.”
Juliet Blackwell, Love on Main Street
“Out, out, brief candle! Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player, That struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more.”
Juliet Blackwell, A Haunting is Brewing
“You're going to the ball?" Luc asked. "Need an escort?"
"I appreciate the offer, but I hear it's all the rage to go stag."
He raised his eyebrows.
"Besides, I think your brother might take it amiss."
"I thought you two were... taking a break?"
"I'd like to wait and see. He's only gone for a couple of weeks."
"I'll take you," Aidan interrupted again. "I was planning on going, myself."
"Dude, I'll take you," echoed Conrad from his seat at the counter.
"Thanks guys." I had to smile. This for a witch who was quite literally banned from any and all high school dances. "But, really, I sort of like the idea of going solo."
Just then we all looked around as the bell on the front door tinkled again, this time announcing the arrival of Inspector Carlos Romero.
"Blessed goddess!" Bronwyn exclaimed, throwing up her hands. "Don't tell me you're here to ask Lily out as well? I'm beginning to feel like a dueña."
"No," Carlos said, looking puzzled.”
Juliet Blackwell, A Cast-Off Coven
“The cat's not hurting you, Oscar. Get a grip."
"Mistress, make it stop looking at me!"
I pulled up to a stoplight and assessed my posse.
"Cat, stop it. Oscar doesn't want to be your friend." At the sound of my voice, the feline shifted it's gaze to me.
"There," I said to Oscar. "All better."
Keeping its eyes on me, the cat moved with stealthy determination, climbing into Oscar's lap.
"Stop it, both of ya'll," I said as the light changed.”
Juliet Blackwell, Hexes and Hemlines
tags: humor
“Living takes courage. So does dying.”
Juliet Blackwell, A Cast-Off Coven
“She showed this to you?"
"Not exactly. I sort of saw it."
"But she invited you into her home, is what I'm saying." At my lack of immediate response, Carlos added: "You can't go into someone's home without an invitation, Lily."
"That only works on vampires, not witches."
I thought I head a reluctant chuckle.”
Juliet Blackwell, In a Witch's Wardrobe
“Plants give us clean air and beauty and sustenance, and, perhaps most important, they represent eternal life. Even when they die they rise again. Their vibrations are green and bright. All as it was meant to be. I”
Juliet Blackwell, Secondhand Spirits
“The rosé was dry and crisp and perfect. The baguette was ambrosia: crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside. What was it about bread in France? Like the French version of butter, it seemed to bear little relation to the item of the same name back home. Genevieve sliced a wedge of pâté, topped it with a cornichon, and made a little sandwich. Another glass of wine, a bit of cheese: P’tit Basque, tangy Roquefort, a stinky and delicious washed-rind Brie. Even the pear seemed better than the ones she was used to: the perfect combination of tangy and sweet, the juice running down her arm as she ate. Sated,”
Juliet Blackwell, The Paris Key
“The vibrations of an addict are of a very specific sort—they ricochet, out of control, mostly out of reach. The energy called up by the drug quickly disperses, leaving a void, a nothingness. Nature abhors a vacuum, so negative forces rush in, take up residence. The only immediate relief is more narcotics. It must be horrific. “Come in, come in. I’m Senator Jonathan Huffman. You’re welcome here,” said a man in his late sixties, with a booming, commanding voice. He was hale and hearty, a ruddy glow under an expensive haircut. Dressed in a navy blue jacket over khaki pants, he wore an honest-to-gosh ascot at his throat. He exuded wealth and privilege, innate confidence. And an overanxious need to be liked. He had one arm wrapped around a woman similar in age, who was fragile and birdlike, almost lost in her Nancy Reagan–style bright red ensemble. She nodded at us and smiled. “You’re friends of Oliver’s, I presume?” asked the senator. “Oh, hey, Gregory,” said Oliver with a”
Juliet Blackwell, Hexes and Hemlines
“m’ijita. That is not what it is for. And selfish reasons are almost always the wrong reasons.”
Juliet Blackwell, Spellcasting in Silk
“Each layer is marked with the name of a child. First child takes off first layer, and passes it to next child named. Until finally the name on the last layer is the one to receive gift.” “That’s a”
Juliet Blackwell, Dead Bolt
“Three smiling men the size of Wisconsin were squeezed into the cab.”
Juliet Blackwell, If Walls Could Talk
“Oh. Too bad. Well, all's quiet so far. There was a heckuva lot goin' on last night, though. Think it might be one o' them poultry heists."
"Poultry heist? Someone's stealing chickens?" I asked.
Maya nudged me. "He means poltergeists.”
Juliet Blackwell, A Cast-Off Coven
tags: humor
“I gave to get going, anyway," said Sailor. "Just stopped by for a quick kiss, and to ask what time I should arrive for dinner."
He gave me another long look, smiled slowly, and whispered, "Wild horses, and all that."
He picked up his helmet, gave me another quick kiss, and left.
My gaze lingered on his broad back. I turned to see Bronwyn watching me, a fond, knowing smile on her face. A blush stained my cheeks.”
Juliet Blackwell, Spellcasting in Silk
“I don’t blame you,” Genevieve said. “Sunnyvale isn’t exactly Paris.”
Juliet Blackwell, The Paris Key
“How long would it take for the wonder to wear off? For buying aspirin in such a place to begin to feel normal, even ho-hum? Did a person ever stop seeing (feeling) the beauty, the history of Paris? Did stone walls begin to feel cold and depressing, to the point where she would ever yearn for the plastic, standardized façades of an Applebee’s or an Olive Garden? There”
Juliet Blackwell, The Paris Key
“You know I never lie..."
I raised an eyebrow.
"...about dancing." he amended with a crooked grin.”
Juliet Blackwell, In a Witch's Wardrobe
“Every once in a while Carlos broke out of restrained cop mode and got poetic. I found it a bit charming and a whole lot disconcerting.”
Juliet Blackwell, A Vision in Velvet
tags: humour
“If it's not a dead body... does this have to do with the cape?" asked Oscar.
"Oscar, I thought we agreed we weren't going to mention that to people," I reminded him.
"Sailor's not people."
"Sailor's curious," Sailor said. "What cape?”
Juliet Blackwell, A Vision in Velvet
tags: humour

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