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“I'm like a shark," Janie said. "I need to keep moving or die, which means I need to expand-" she stopped there. Her own father's business was successful mainly because he kept expanding, kept moving onward and upward. The only difference was Dan Westerveld didn't have a spouse who gambled away all available equity in the house and business.

But Janie kept that information to herself. Neither her sister nor her parents knew how dire her financial situation was.

"What do you mean? And you're kind of struggling as it is."

"And that's why I need to expand. I'm just trying to make sure I can sustain my current lifestyle, which is hardly extravagant."

"I'll say. I can't believe that beater of a car of yours is still running."

"Regular maintenance helps." And prayer, Janie thought. Something she spent a lot of time on these days.”
Carolyne Aarsen, A Family for Luke
“I love making up stories. I love getting lost in other worlds and being with other characters. I love the way I think I'm in control and then the characters and stories take on a life of their own.
I love how I can incorporate my own faith into the stories I write.
Writing is both discovery and creating and with each book I do that. Discover and create. It can be an adventure some days, a nightmare others. I also like that I can do this wearing ugly clothes.”
Carolyne Aarsen
“Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small; / Though with patience He stands waiting, with exactness grinds He all.”
Carolyne Aarsen, Her Heart's Promise
“You have to take care of your heart. But at what cost?”
Carolyne Aarsen, A Silence in the Heart
“None of us deserve the forgiveness we’ve been given, either by people or by God. I have to forgive you.”
Carolyne Aarsen, Homecoming
“She couldn't let him get close. He would let her down. She knew it. And when that happened, she would be worse off than before. Better to keep her heart closed, safe. Guarded.”
Carolyne Aarsen, A Silence in the Heart
“She knew only that she felt better doing something instead of sitting back, a helpless David facing down an indifferent Goliath.”
Carolyne Aarsen, Her Heart's Promise
“she wondered what she had done to deserve the loneliness that seemed to surround her.”
Carolyne Aarsen, Her Heart's Promise
“Be careful. Guard your heart. No one else is going to take care of you.”
Carolyne Aarsen, A Silence in the Heart
“Dear Lord, we know that You are a Father and that you love your Son. [...] We know how deep Your love is, that You know if even a hair falls from our head. Lord, we plead with You for this child. Be with the doctors that will take care of him. [...] Keep him in Your care, Lord, we pray. Keep him healthy. Let us enjoy him again. Amen.”
Carolyne Aarsen, The Only Best Place

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