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“Her optimism flew high, not only for her eventual cure of which she was sure, but for everything that would happen to her henceforth. That too, she knew was a characteristic of the tubercular - the very quality , in fact, which made them such interesting patients.”
Kathryn Hulme, The Nun's Story
“The first impressions entered with such sharp shock that never again would I be able to look on a refugee mass, even in pictures, and see it collectively, see it as a homogeneous stream of unfortunate humanity that could be handled with the impersonal science of the engineer who does not ever think of the drops of water when he is controlling a flood. Human”
Kathryn Hulme, The Wild Place
“Here was gossip, cooking, boot- and diaper-drying and all the other business that man has ever performed before a fire. Here also could always be found someone with the soul of a concierge who could lead you through the maze of woolen-walled corridors to the room within a room that you were seeking, telling you meanwhile every detail of what went on behind that particular khaki curtain. As”
Kathryn Hulme, The Wild Place

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