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“On this cliff, I can almost touch the night sky; it hovers so close and puts a distance between me and the things threatening my conscience. I lay on a blanket in the damp grass and enfold myself in the drama of other worlds. The Big and Little Dipper tilt toward me, as if ready to spill their contents, and Scorpius curls its tail, ready to strike. The problems of my little life shrink under the majesty of such an expanse.”
Jenny Knipfer, Blue Moon
“Three men and they all took something from me: my affection, my promise, and my innocence. What has love given me...? Nothing. Nothing but pain.”
Jenny Knipfer, Harvest Moon
“What name do I give him? That should be his father’s job, his vision. I think hard. I don’t want to wait for a dream to come. I give him the name he came with.
Niin-mawin—I cry for him.”
Jenny Knipfer, Harvest Moon
“My mother always said that one day I’d get ripped open by my stubbornness, and she was right. It’s my fool, stubborn heart which led to Ignacio’s banishment and will most likely lead to mine.”
Jenny Knipfer, Harvest Moon
“My darling, you are the first thing on my mind in the morning and the last thought I have before I drift off at night. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms.”
Jenny Knipfer, Silver Moon
“Life’s not so much filled with good or bad things. They are just things, but . . . if we give our ‘things’ to someone bigger than us, they become . . . what makes us a better person. So even something we might deem as bad can be good.”
Jenny Knipfer, Silver Moon
“God does not desire evil for us. He wants to set our feet upon a sure path. This doesn’t mean we will not face trouble, only that He will be with us to guide us through it.”
Jenny Knipfer, Harvest Moon
“Just the right rock calls to me. I crouch and finger the worn, smooth spots on its oblong surface. Its weight rests in my hand for a few seconds, before I hurl the cold, blue stone into the lake and turn and walk towards home. My feet catch in the scrubby border of the pebbly shore. Evening approaches over Lake Nipigon, and the sky, the color of a beaver’s tooth, burns at the edge of the horizon in the last rays of the sun.
Why did she not want me? The question shadows every other thought in my mind and wounds my soul.”
Jenny Knipfer, Harvest Moon
“Their softness stuns me. I press my lips to hers, and we test new waters together. A kiss. A tilt and turn of the head. A release. Deeper this time. She captures my eyes once more before we dive into the depths of our mouths, sharing the mutual fire we hold for one another.
We slow, release, and breathe. My air exchanged with hers.

“Come back to me, Niin-mawin, or you will have another woman crying for you.”

“I will,” I promise.

Her words have made me think of a scenario I hadn’t thought of before: Maybe Maang-ikwe didn’t want to give me up.”
Jenny Knipfer, Harvest Moon
“I imagined her taller.

My mother stands in front of me. She leans more of her slight weight
on her right leg. A hide pack rests against her back. The long skirt she wears touches almost to the ground; its fringe brushes the blades of green grass. A plentiful, red, calico blouse adorns the top of her body. It flounces out around her waist and makes her appear smaller, child- like. Her black, shiny braid of hair ropes around her shoulder. One small streak of silver hides in its weave. Her eyes meet mine. I don’t move, and neither does she. She has the blackest eyes I’ve ever seen.

Crow black.”
Jenny Knipfer, Harvest Moon
“I press her small hand between my large ones and linger a moment
before I let her go. I walk back to town somewhat deflated. Nothing was as I had expected, but, then, most of life usually takes one by surprise.”
Jenny Knipfer, Harvest Moon
“Maang-ikwe told me one night how I had sprung from a place of desire, anger, and fear. But my mother also told me, “It does not matter how we begin. It matters how we end.” She pointed out, “Pain brings a richer harvest than contentment.”

I think she was right. For as I look around at the people present, I am thankful for the harvest of lives which came birthed from painful places.”
Jenny Knipfer, Harvest Moon
“We never think what we'll miss about them before a person is gone. It is only after, in the hollow of their absence, that we realize it is the simple things we crave, like the sound of a voice, the warmth of a touch, a smile of happiness, and most of all simply their presence.”
Jenny Knipfer, Ruby Moon
“The baby’s bluish, hazel eyes looked into Jenay’s amber ones, and it was love at first sight. If there is any magic in this world, at this moment is where it can be found, the mystic thought lodged itself in Jenay’s heart as her eyes poured over her child with love. She had never felt herself so instantly and utterly connected to another person.”
Jenny Knipfer, Ruby Moon
“How strange perspective is. When you are far away from an object, you can't see its true size. When you come face to face with obstacles in life, you can recognize how large they have loomed. Everything in my viewpoint has been tainted by my pain . . .”
Jenny Knipfer, Blue Moon
“Brave. I have been brave for years. I am tired of being brave.
But I choke down my fatigue and force myself to move. It is what I do, because I am a soldier and . . .
I am a spy. --Silver Moon”
Jenny Knipfer, Silver Moon
“But I am convinced, if this battle must be won and this is the ground we must take, then we are the men to do it.--Silver Moon”
Jenny Knipfer, Silver Moon
“Something in me tells me the worst is yet to come, but I don’t want to believe it. How beastly we men have become, but, no, that is too good a comparison. We are worse than the beasts of the field, for they kill to eat, but we kill for much lesser things.--Silver Moon”
Jenny Knipfer, Silver Moon
“Her mother had taught her to treat mean people with kindness. Paying back meanness with meanness only led to more of the same. Killing people with kindness slayed the beast in the human heart.--Silver Moon”
Jenny Knipfer, Silver Moon
“Oh, God. You always seem so far away, but for some strange reason, here You feel near. Maybe when we hurt the most, need You the most, the wall between Your realm and ours becomes transparent, and we can sense You.”
Jenny Knipfer, Silver Moon
“Mauve took in the scenery of the well-lit night. The moon’s rays highlighted the crashing waves below the cliff.
“The moon is so silver and full tonight,” she commented.
She didn’t know how to offer comfort to Jenay. As a mother, her heart must be breaking too for her son, who was so far away on foreign soil.
A thought hit her. “Perhaps Oshki is looking at the same moon tonight.”
Jenay turned her head, her dark, amber eyes pools of tears. She reached out and grasped Mauve’s hand. Mauve held her mother-in- law’s hand firmly.
“What a comforting thought.” A slight smile twitched at Jenay’s lips, and she turned to look fully out the glass.”
Jenny Knipfer, Silver Moon
“I reach up and slowly turn her face to mine. I stroke the delicate skin
of her cheek with my fingertips. Her skin feels like a rose petal under my touch. I draw my arm around her and bring her close enough to feel the beating of her heart. I do what I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I kiss her, and she kisses me back. It starts a fire in me, but she pulls back and breathlessly confirms my suspicions.”
Jenny Knipfer, Silver Moon
“The night sky sparkled as he peered out of his hole. It shone like dew drops on spider’s web. Jimmy thought back to a web, strung between two shoots of wheat, he had seen as a kid. It had been a miracle the web hadn’t broken, the way it was laden down with dew.
Jimmy studied the web of the sky, unbroken by all the turmoil of men beneath its canopy. It gave him some reassurance of solidity in an ever-vaporizing existence. Men fell around him at every battle, but he managed to keep living. His life was like that miracle web.”
Jenny Knipfer, Silver Moon
“Jeremiah lowered himself into his chair, turned to the first page of The Phantom of the Opera, and started to read aloud.
“The Opera ghost really existed. He was not, as long believed, a creature of the imagination . . .” He read to himself the next few lines and expressed the following. “Yes, he existed in flesh and blood, although he assumed the complete appearance of a real phantom; that is to say of a spectral shade.”
Jeremiah thought for a moment.
It’s rather like me.
It could have been an apt description of him before Miss Herman
walked into his life with a plate of strawberry scones and a jug of lemonade. He had walked around like a phantom. Yes, he had been alive, but it had been a grim, lonely sort of life where he had shut people out.
Funny what a little kindness can do, he told himself and went back to reading.”
Jenny Knipfer, Silver Moon
“He had outlived his nine lives. He had lived when the man next to him had died, time after time. He felt guilty sometimes just for being the one left standing.”
Jenny Knipfer, Silver Moon
“I find the act of writing my thoughts out both frightening and healing. I am appalled at what is shackled in the depths of my heart, but I sense a release when it transfers from this inner depth of me to the page beneath my pen. My vision is beginning to clear and shrouded events are coming into alignment with some degree of clarity.

Now I need the courage to disclose my secrets and believe God will take care of me. No matter what the results are of the truth emerging, I want to trust He can use it for good in my life . . . somehow.”
Jenny Knipfer, Ruby Moon
“In everyting around us dere is shape, and each of dose shapes have many sides. Dis also true in ‘ow we see tings in our minds.” My aunt taps her temple with her index finger. “It is torment . . . futility to try to repossess de past. You have dis moment to live. Don’t waste it on regrets.”
The truth of the matter is I feel guilty for being alive while he is dead.”
Jenny Knipfer, Ruby Moon

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