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“We never think what we'll miss about them before a person is gone. It is only after, in the hollow of their absence, that we realize it is the simple things we crave, like the sound of a voice, the warmth of a touch, a smile of happiness, and most of all simply their presence.”
Jenny Knipfer, Ruby Moon
“The baby’s bluish, hazel eyes looked into Jenay’s amber ones, and it was love at first sight. If there is any magic in this world, at this moment is where it can be found, the mystic thought lodged itself in Jenay’s heart as her eyes poured over her child with love. She had never felt herself so instantly and utterly connected to another person.”
Jenny Knipfer, Ruby Moon
“How strange perspective is. When you are far away from an object, you can't see its true size. When you come face to face with obstacles in life, you can recognize how large they have loomed. Everything in my viewpoint has been tainted by my pain . . .”
Jenny Knipfer, Blue Moon
“On this cliff, I can almost touch the night sky; it hovers so close and puts a distance between me and the things threatening my conscience. I lay on a blanket in the damp grass and enfold myself in the drama of other worlds. The Big and Little Dipper tilt toward me, as if ready to spill their contents, and Scorpius curls its tail, ready to strike. The problems of my little life shrink under the majesty of such an expanse.”
Jenny Knipfer, Blue Moon
“I find the act of writing my thoughts out both frightening and healing. I am appalled at what is shackled in the depths of my heart, but I sense a release when it transfers from this inner depth of me to the page beneath my pen. My vision is beginning to clear and shrouded events are coming into alignment with some degree of clarity.

Now I need the courage to disclose my secrets and believe God will take care of me. No matter what the results are of the truth emerging, I want to trust He can use it for good in my life . . . somehow.”
Jenny Knipfer, Ruby Moon
“In everyting around us dere is shape, and each of dose shapes have many sides. Dis also true in ‘ow we see tings in our minds.” My aunt taps her temple with her index finger. “It is torment . . . futility to try to repossess de past. You have dis moment to live. Don’t waste it on regrets.”
The truth of the matter is I feel guilty for being alive while he is dead.”
Jenny Knipfer, Ruby Moon

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