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“When given a choice between two, choose the third.”
Jeff Grubb, The Last Guardian
“Size matters not. Inertia, however, is a pain in the butt."

-Mander Zuma”
Jeff Grubb, Scourge
“Remember me as I tried to be, not as I was." ~Urza, The Brother's War”
Jeff Grubb
“What is he like?" asked Khadgar, his voice almost pleading.
"Like everyone else, I suppose." said Moroes. "Has his druthers. Has his moods. Good days and bad. Like everybody else."
"puts his pants on one leg at a time," said Khadgar, sighing.
"No. He levitates into them," said Moroes.”
Jeff Grubb, The Last Guardian
“The brew was military style "A"—freshly made and scalding, suitable for pouring down on peasants attacking the family castle.”
Jeff Grubb, Liberty's Crusade
“You can either plan to be eternally vigilant and ready, eschewing life as we know it, or be willing to enjoy life and pay the price.”
Jeff Grubb, The Last Guardian
“He liked order and precision, and his crew knew it. He had hand-picked each and every one of them, and he'd never sailed with a finer group of men. Not that he would ever say it out loud, but they knew it.”
Jeff Grubb, The Last Guardian
“It was the night before the end of the world.”
Jeff Grubb, Magic the Gathering: The Brothers' War
“I must admit that I feel that the best form of government is benevolent despotism.”
Jeff Grubb
“The young man had lost his mentor, his home, and his brother, all because of the actions of a single night.”
Jeff Grubb, Magic the Gathering: The Brothers' War
“Did you Voice her?” asked Reen. “ ‘Voice’ her?” replied Mander, looking perplexed. “You know. Voice her. Jedi Hoodoo. Mind tricks.” She made a theatrical wave of her hand. “Tell her You want to let us land on the planet or something like that. And then she agrees and we go off.” “Did Toro tell you we can do that?” asked Mander. “I saw it in the holofilms,” said Reen.”
Jeff Grubb, Scourge: Star Wars
“Propaganda is a weapon that the Confederacy wields best, and wields heaviest. It is their hammer. And when all you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail.”
Jeff Grubb, Liberty's Crusade

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