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“If you ever find happiness,
cut off its legs.”
B. Diehl, Zeller's Alley
“So if love is for fools, throw me a tambourine.
I'll wear it as a crown.”
B. Diehl, Zeller's Alley
tags: poetry
“No, I'm not an 'anarchist.'
Fuck your political ideology.”
B. Diehl, Zeller's Alley
tags: poetry
“Sometimes, I wake up feeling
crazier than usual.

Those are my favorite
and most productive days.”
B. Diehl, Zeller's Alley
tags: poetry
“I wanna strike gold in Poetry's mine.
(But I don't want your money.)”
B. Diehl, Temporary Obscurity
tags: poetry
“I take out my iPhone
and open the app
for Google maps.

In the destination bar,
I type in your name.”
B. Diehl, Ballpoint Penitentiary

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