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“The most dangerous men on earth are those who are afraid they are wimps”
James Gilligan
“All violence is an attempt to replace shame with self-esteem.”
James Gilligan
“It may be somewhat paradoxical to refer to shame as a 'feeling,' for while shame is initially painful, constant shaming leads to a deadening of feeling. Shame, like cold, is, in essence, the absence of warmth. And when it reaches overwhelming intensity, shame is experienced, like cold, as a feeling of numbness and deadness. [In Dante's Inferno] the lowest circle of hell was a region not of flames, but of ice---absolute coldness.”
James Gilligan
“I have yet to see a serious act of violence that was not provoked by the experience of feeling shamed or humiliated, disrespected and ridiculed.”
James Gilligan
“when unemployment is high, inequality rises. And when unemployment is low, inequality tends to fall.”
James Gilligan, Why Some Politicians Are More Dangerous Than Others

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