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“Me, a tease? I am not. I put out...thank you very much.

- Jamie Killian”
J.L. Langley, The Tin Star
“So, do you clean, too?”
“Hell, no!.. I’m gay ... not a damn housewife!”
Everybody laughed.
(The Tin Star)”
J.L. Langley
tags: gay
“I swore I'd never become some lord's brainless arm ornament and political host, but I've become far worse. I'm a glorified housekeeper and sperm donor.
-from the journal of Payton Marcus Townsend.”
J.L. Langley, The Englor Affair
“Not only did I manage to accidentally meet the man I’m investigating, I managed to accidentally have sex with him.”
J.L. Langley, The Englor Affair
“In a daze, Remi stepped up to the battered old bar, next to Rhys. "What will it be?" the bartender asked Remi. "I'll have a Jake and Coke-uh, Jack and Cock, uh-" Oh fuck. Remi stopped talking. He could actually feel his face heat with a blush. Someone shoot me.”
J.L. Langley, With Caution
“What's first?" He took another swig.

"I don't know. You're the one fucking this chicken. I'm just holding it's wings.”
J.L. Langley, With Abandon
“You psychotic little Georgia Peach.”
J.L. Langley
“Can I have Jake and Coke--uh, Jack and Cock”
J.L. Langley, With Caution
tags: funny
“A thing of beauty, like an approaching storm. It was hard not to respect, even though you knew it was likely to erupt any moment.”
J.L. Langley, The Englor Affair
“With a hand on the back of his neck, Raleigh pulled him down until their foreheads touched. “I love you. I want to suffocate you in your sleep with your pillow sometimes, but I love you.”
Steven chuckled and nipped Raleigh’s full bottom lip. “I love you too, Cony.” Running his fingers through the back of the thick black hair, Steven urged Raleigh forward. “Please don’t murder me in my sleep.” Their lips met.”
J.L. Langley, My Regelence Rake
“- had a million things to do today; death would have to wait, -
(The Tin Star)”
J.L. Langley
tags: death
“...I got to chase my dream for a while, see what it's like, but this—" He stood and swept his arms wide. "This, and my family, is worth any price.”
J.L. Langley
“He'd made a complete ninny of himself. Wentworth probably thought he'd never been kissed before. Which couldn't be farther from the truth. Colton had been kissed at least three times just last season.”
J.L. Langley, My Regelence Rake
“ 'That another one of your rules, Bit? No touching, no kissing, no flirting?'

'You forgot no calling me Bit.'

'Yeah, I don't like that one. I don't think I like the no flirting either.' ”
J.L. Langley, Without Reservations
“Remi groaned, grabbing his face in both hands. 'Goddamn it! I'm sick and fucking tired of my eyes shifting.' He dropped his hands and pointed to Jonathon's body. 'And that is just gross. Why do I want to eat it?' He stormed off toward the house.”
J.L. Langley, Without Reservations
“My parents may never recover from the trauma of having to ask me to put my hacking skills to good use after dissuading me from using them all these years.
—from the journal of Payton Marcus Townsend”
J.L. Langley, The Englor Affair
“ 'You know that saying, give a man enough rope?' When Matt nodded, Howard continued. 'I can assure you the person who came up with it didn't know Aubrey. You give him enough rope and he'll tie you to a chair with it.' ”
J.L. Langley, With Abandon
“outside. Of course, he didn’t know any other vets either.”
J.L. Langley, Without Reservations
“What r u wearing? Huh? Matt blinked at the phone, sure he'd read it wrong. Wasn't that how phone sex started? He wasn't dating anyone.”
J.L. Langley, With Abandon

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