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“When you go home
Tell them of us, and say
For your tomorrow,
We gave our today.”
Patrick O'Donnell, Into the Rising Sun: In Their Own Words, World War II's Pacific Veterans Reveal the Heart of Combat
“Carey recalled Tillman turning to him and tapping him on the shoulder. "Look who's coming up the road!" he said incredulously. In a scene straight from a movie, General Douglas MacArthur confidently walked straight up the center of the road, "bullets flying around him." Carey was dumbfounded. As MacArthur walked up to his position, Carey pulled him behind the building. "The general fell over" and stared at the lieutenant, quickly snapping, "What the hell do you think you're doing, Lieutenant?" "I'm just trying to keep you from getting killed," Carey snapped back. MacArthur glared at Carey with icy presence and said, "There isn't a bullet made that can kill me.”
Patrick O'Donnell, Give Me Tomorrow: The Korean War's Greatest Untold Story - The Epic Stand of the Marines of George Company

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