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Vani Shire, Middle Earth. I would invest in a nice hobbit hole, the type that Bilbo Baggins had in The Lord of the Rings, and all I would do is read and write books.
Vani Nothing really and I hope that doesn't sound very disappointing. (Can you imagine me biting my nails to the quick while answering this!!). I wake up at 6 am and write, write, write the whole day, until I can't go on any more. So, nothing really too mysterious there about my life. (wink, wink!)
Vani Hey, Mel!! Yes, of course. Well, I''ll be back with more news very soon.
Vani Very soon. I need all your prayers :) Thanks, SS.
Vani Hey Rajan! Do you know it is still going on. No, I am not participating in it. I cannot write short stories. Only novels :)
Vani Dear Mel, I am sorry I took so much time to answer this. Apologies. Alright, I am not against the institution of arranged marriages, and nor do I blindly support love marriages. I am not even against live in relationships. Marriages survive when there is respect and love and an understanding between the partners. Now whether you find those partners online or someone else sets you up (your parents, for instance), I don't think that matters much. My brother who studied and spent his life in the US found his wife online, or rather my mother asked him to look up her profile. They had an arranged marriage. Met only twice before their wedding and have been married for many years now. They are the happiest people I know. And yet, many love marriages do not survive beyond a few months because there is no compatibility. So, there you go.
Vani Yes, Rohit. I'll be at the Delhi Book Fair on the 21st.
Vani Thanks for your message, Rohit. I am a story teller to the core and there is nothing that gives me more pleasure than writing good stories. As to your second question, I wrote my book for an international audience and I am promoting it in that way. I'm at a stage where I've gone beyond my circle of family and friends but that said, I'd definitely appreciate their opinions on my book.
Vani Hi Rhik. Thanks for your question. I quit FE in 2008.
Vani Hi Aryan. Thanks for your question. Writing is a skill. You can improve it by practicing. Write blogs, poems, stories. Write whatever comes to your mind. Read as much as you can. Within a few days, you will start to notice a change, an improvement. You could also follow my blogs on The Huffington Post. Here is the link.
Vani Thanks for your question, Mel. A lot of authors have inspired me. Jane Austen, Stephen King, George R R Martin, John Grisham, Dan Brown, Alice Walker, John Green, Amitav Ghosh, J K Rowling and many more.
Vani It allows me to create, every second of every minute. Now, isn't that wonderful?
Vani My mind is a Duffel bag of ideas.
Vani Writing is a skill and no matter how much you practice, it's never going to be enough. Create an atmosphere around yourself and write daily. Let nothing interfere your writing routine.
Vani A sequel to 'The Recession Groom'.
Vani Reading good fiction gives me an adrenaline rush. There's nothing that inspires me more than a novel by Nicholas Sparks, Stephen King, George R R Martin, Ray Bradbury and for that matter hundreds of those novelists I can't name here. When I read their books, I have this huge desire to create something of my own and that desire is so strong that I can ram into the strongest of mountains and break it in to pieces. You got me now!! Aside that, I'm a very vibrant person with an exceptionally simple life and easy relationships with no complications at all. It helps me focus on my work and that's what I love. A cup of tea at hand and a vibrant workplace is never too bad.
Vani A writer's block, is it real or imaginary? For most part, I think it is just created in a writer's mind, and maybe stems from the need to achieve perfection. We want every sentence to be correct, every plot development to lead to something big, every character to be of some consequence. Whenever I am in such a situation, I just give up all expectations from myself. I just write, crap or good. I write whatever comes to my mind and several hours later, I edit or delete what I have written. After a few hours/days everything starts to make sense. I agree with author Nora Roberts when she says, 'you cannot edit a blank page.'

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