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“My paperback is out! Feel free to ask any question you might have and I'll try and answer them as best I can. I might not do so well with the scientific ones though ;) ” Sophie Jaff

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Sophie Jaff My third book in the Nightsong Series. Dum dum duuuuum. Also my musical Erika's Wall. (And you thought I just wrote novels!)
Sophie Jaff I feel very Harry Potter about this. It's sort of like 'He Who Must Not Be Named' I refuse usually to say I have it.

When the thing I refuse to name happens (if it does happen) I toss and turn and yell and moan and bitch and rage eat and freak out and have therapy and drink but honestly the ONLY thing that cures it is sitting down and writing through it-in the beginning it's hideous and crap but sometimes you'll find a little scrap of a decent sentence and it acts like a rope and pulls you from the precipice.
Sophie Jaff The best thing is when people ask you 'What do you do?' And you answer 'I'm a writer.' And they sort of blink and look surprised because they weren't expecting you to answer that. And the second best thing is when they ask 'What kind of writing?' And you get to answer 'Novels'

That always gives me SUPREME pleasure.
Sophie Jaff
In the words of the immortal Shakespeare 'keep on truckin'.'

By this I mean set a goal of either writing a certain amount of words per day (say 2,000) or a period of time for yourself per day/week and stick to it, as hard as it might get. Believe me, it gets hard. But I don't see any other way to do it. When I wrote Love is Red I had no Plan B, nothing to fall back on. I was forced to believe in it and commit to it entirely. Some days I would lie on bed crying and have to force myself to get up and write.
Sophie Jaff When possible I like to go and see a play or an art exhibition-hopefully one that shakes me up and breaks up any stagnation. When I can't do that I like to take a long walk by the water and talk it through. With myself. Out loud. I wear headphones though so it seems like I'm not just a crazy person. Which I am. But THEY don't need to know that.

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