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Shannon Kirk Alejandra, my apologies for the delay! For some reason I did not get notice of your message. Lo siento, mi espanol is muy mal (my Spanish is very bad). Yo creo tu pregunta es (about) mi ultimo libro? (I think your question is about my next book?). Ultimo es AUNTY, un thriller, exp. July 2018. Stay tuned. Muchas gracias, te amo su preguntas y nota. Please forgive my Spanish, I tried. xoxoxoxoxoxxoxooxoxoo -SCK
Shannon Kirk Mave, (and I love the name Mave by the way), thank you so much for your kind comments! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! How do I begin? Well, it's different each time. With Method 15/33, I had read a nonfiction sociopath book and that got me to thinking. And then I thought of the book's very first line and I went from there. With The Extraordinary Journey of Vivienne Marshall I had a very vivid dream one night about a blue and green Heaven. I thought of the first line and went from there. With the thriller I'm working on now, Aunty, I thought of a poem a mistress might leave for a wife. And I wrote that, then went from there. My writing process is unstructured. When I have time to write, I literally just sit and write what's in my head. I thereafter cut and paste and worry about structure and organization. That's about it. And I can't tell any jokes either.
Shannon Kirk Yumi, thank you so much for the kind comment!! I'm so glad you enjoyed Method 15/33. And yes, there is a chance I'll write another one like it. In fact, I'm working on book two in the intended three part series for Method. :) I can give a bit away of the working premise...instead of the main character being confined to a small room and having only a short while to conduct an escape, imagine if she had the whole world and 18 years? What would that be like? Also, I'm working on a thriller called AUNTY, in which someone took love, far too far. Stay tuned! And thanks for reading! All the best, Shannon
Shannon Kirk Hi Sophie, thanks for your question! So what I'm picturing here is a real cheap-o box spring, and old one too, that had no springs, just the wood frame. Perhaps now it might be referred to as a foundation or a platform. Basically, it's a super cheap box spring meant simply to raise the mattress as part of a set and certainly wouldn't have supplied any kind of comfort. Hope this helps. -Shannon
Shannon Kirk Love it! Thanks for the kind comments! And ol' Boyd....yes...he's a trickster. ;)
Shannon Kirk Hi there, first off, thank you for reading Method 15/33 and you kind comment. Second, you are very observant. I didn't really explain the minutia of her trek upstairs, but I imagine a small set (small flight) to a landing, and then two more flights, which she calls flights, to what she perceives as a third floor. She's blindfolded, of course, so she's picturing all this. But your understanding of "flights" is correct and your perception sharp. Sorry if this caused you any confusion at all. I hope you enjoy the rest of the story, and do ask any questions that might arise! All the best, Shannon
Shannon Kirk Sandy, thanks so much for your wonderful review. My next book is not a thriller, it's a literary fiction piece called Heavens. It's about a woman who is fatally injured and is in the ICU. In her last week of life, she visits different heavens, trying to pick the best one for herself. There is a love triangle to sort out along the way. This is scheduled to be released in 2016. The thriller I hope to be next is in the works and has a working title of The Goat Man Cometh. If you "fan" me on Goodreads or follow me on Twitter (@shannonckirk) you will surely not miss updates. Thanks again! Have a great week. -Shannon
Shannon Kirk Hi Rose Ann, thank you so much!!! My next book is called Heavens and should be released early/mid 2016. We're starting formal editing in a couple of weeks. Heavens is not a thriller, it is literary fiction about a mid-30's woman hit by a truck. While in the ICU, she visits different Heavens as though on a shopping trip. There's a love triangle involved. As for thrillers, I'm working on a pretty dark one right now called The Goat Man Cometh, and a couple others as well. Thanks so much for the interest! I have a question for you. If you like Method 15/33, would you be interested in Heavens, or would you only be interested in thrillers? Thanks, Shannon
Shannon Kirk Hi Sandy, thanks so much for your kind comments! So it doesn't matter on Goodreads (or Amazon) how you got the book. You can do a review no matter what. So please just give your rate and review just as you would any other book. I'm not sure if you received an ARC or the final, but if the ARC, you may want to indicate that you were given the ARC in exchange for an honest review. Thanks so much for taking the time to read it in the first place and sending me your postive reaction. That really means alot to me. It's distressing, to say the least, having your first baby out there in the world. :)

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