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Adam Dreece There is nothing like the ability to pull an idea, like a single thread from the ether, and be able to slowly knit it into a story tapestry and world. It's an amazing feeling, but it pales in comparison to when people have taken that and found it filled a part of them. Whether it's a man who bonded with copies of my books I donated as he went through cancer treatment, or a kid who has a huge smile and is beaming with fan-appreciation, it's the people who refuel my creative batteries and restarts all of this, and makes it amazing for me.
Adam Dreece Hi Brittany!

Thanks for sharing that! I'm hoping to start writing Season Two late this summer, with the intent to bring it out around February. I'm eager to get back to it, and really surprised how much people seem to like it.

I'm getting The Man of Cloud 9 ready to release in September, and currently writing The Yellow Hoods book 5. If you don't want to miss anything, consider joining my newsletter at

You have no idea how comments like this help refuel the emotional writing batteries :) If you're up for it, I could always use another review for The Wizard Killer here at GoodReads and elsewhere, like

thanks again,
Adam Dreece With explosives! And by explosives, I mean taking a step back, looking at whether or not I've burnt myself out, and allowing myself to binge watch something like The Flash or Game of Thrones.

Sometimes I find I need to change my music selection up, and to write things that are more light-hearted.
Adam Dreece The Wizard Killer - Season One came from having written serials a long, long time ago. As I wrote The Man of Cloud 9 (due out in Sept 2016), I needed to balance off its cerebral elements with something else, a home for all the fighting and visceral elements that I wasn't incorporating (as if I split the me that rights The Yellow Hoods in half). I decided to write a weekly serial, and loved it. Some of the ideas came from a circa 2000 role-playing setting I created called Mondus Fumus. The only difference is that I set this in a post-apocalyptic period in that world's history.
Adam Dreece FINISH IT. Too many people rework the same stories from a great red wood into a thin toothpick. The habit we want to build is taking ideas and putting them into the world, not working on a particular story for our entire life. Being able to declare something done, to put it out there, and to move on to the next thing is needed. Being able to get feedback, and crits, and get the unfiltered feedback of others are important in helping us grow.
Adam Dreece Right now I'm working on revising the Torrents of Tangier (Dieselpunk, set in 1940 Tangier, Morocco), and Book 4 of The Yellow Hoods, tentatively titled "Beauties of the Beast."
Adam Dreece Firstly, determine if indie or traditional publishing is for you. Indie requires a lot of work and trial and error. The paths are different.

Another thing, regardless of the path, is FINISH IT. Get betas who you trust will tell you if there are parts that need revisited. Some authors spend eternity trying to polish their work, only to learn that they've really been hiding from the judgement of potential readers. AND LISTEN TO THE FEEDBACK. This was invaluable for me regarding book 2, but I've met authors who just don't care what anyone says. It's a shame as a lot of those people could have had a great book out of what they wrote, and instead they have a semi-pleasant one.

Next, is understand that as an author, you are a brand. Build an online audience with that in mind. A lot of people don't keep any type of veil between their personal lives and their public lives, and they can harm their brand significantly, depending on their audience.

And lastly, respect the reader. I'm so annoyed when I buy a book and the font is extra small and the margins extra thin, just so the cost was 25 cents less, but at the cost of me being able to read the book. Or someone who decided not to have it properly edited. Another issue I saw is an author leaving a massively confusing part of the story, saying "I'm sure the readers will come up with some way that this part makes sense." I can't understand that thinking.

The real secret though is work like a demon. Hard work and determination, being agile in your thinking, is more than a survival skill, it's a concrete advantage over those who just expect their uploading of their book to create sudden wealth and fame.
Adam Dreece YES! I'll be in the Big Four, booth BF 3901 . I also have signings setup throughout the city (see

BUT THE BIG NEWS is we're having a launch event for book 3 on April 25th at Chapters - Crowfoot at 11am! Come! We'll have the great band, Hazel Grey! I'll be doing signings that day until 5pm
Adam Dreece Hi Kianna,

Officially, mid-September HOWEVER because of all the requests, we're trying to get an eBook version available potentially as early as this weekend!

Printed copies won't be available until September however.

Thanks for your question!

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