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Anne A. Wilson Hi Ali, I'm working on a sequel to HOVER right now, actually. I don't have a release date for you, unfortunately, but at least you can be assured that something is in the works. Thank you for reading and for reaching out!
Anne A. Wilson Hi Jo! Thanks for listening to my books. I'm glad you enjoyed them. I do have another manuscript finished and that one is with my agent for review at the moment. I've also started another one, as well. So, hopefully, I'll have news about the first one, at least, relatively soon. Thank you for your note! And again, thanks for listening!
Anne A. Wilson Gosh, this is SO tough. I'm going to say Hazel and Augustus from the The Fault in our Stars. Theirs was a real and raw relationship. Pure and poignant. Unfettered by the clutter that most relationships have to wade through. Hard to get them out of my head.
Anne A. Wilson Running or walking always seems to help. Maybe it's the increased blood flow to the head, I'm not sure, but my brain becomes "un-muddied" after exercise.

I usually listen to music when I'm working out, so if I'm mulling over a scene that I know is going to be sad, I listen to songs that would evoke that mood. If I'm working on an action scene, I go for a fast, upbeat score.

Between the music and the exercise, I can usually come up with something to push me over that hump.

If those don't work, reading always helps. No matter what I'm reading--fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, thriller--I always seem to come away with ideas when reading someone else. The bonus here is that by reading, I'm also learning. You always hear that to be a good writer, you need to be a good reader. I absolutely believe that's true. I learn something every time I open a book.

If exercising or listening to music or reading a book doesn't work to break through the block, the worst thing I've found is trying to sit at the computer and force it. It just never works and results in a lot of frustration. Better to just step away and come back later.

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