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Pier Giorgio Graziano The thing I most appreciate in writing is that I enjoy myself a lot doing it.
I started writing on a laptop, then I shifted using mainly a small tablet ( a Kindle Fire, by the way).
The new experience, using the tablet, was amazing: the act of writing became very similar to the act of reading, since I can do it any moment on an armchair, or travelling by train, or in the evening, or on the morning in bed and so on.
I happened to ask more than once to my wife: “What are you doing?” At the answer “Reading a book”, I answered back: “ And I am writing one.”
Pier Giorgio Graziano Do read as much as possible: everything including classics, modern and contempotary works, novels, poetry, essays. Just let all this works to be absorbed by your soul, permeating yourself.
Then, when you will start writing, do not try to imitate anyone, but let your inspiration to be guided by all these spiritual fertilizers, so adsorbed.
Mainly do live always with an alert spirit and then transpose your life experiences in your book.
Pier Giorgio Graziano Actually it was my first book. I happened to read a web article, inviting to participate to a writing contest for new books. One of the proposed lines was "thriller" . So I sat down in front of my computer thinking: " Let's see if I am able to write something, or not". I had to write a thriller, but I thought it would been easier writing something about myself. So I figured out that my beloved wife and my lovely dog had been kidnapped and I had to save them.
With my great surprise the book started to write automatically almost by itself, as if my hand was moved on the keyboard by a mysterious force. It was a great emotion to see the plot developing itself, and discovering myself what was going to happen next.
The main problem I had to deal with, was that some of my characters came alive, tormenting me especially at night, asking me why I didn't develop them as they would have liked.
An example: Shulamid, a kind of young woman, secret agent, went on coming in my dreams, accusing me to describe her just as an efficient agent, without true emotions and feelings. So, to succed sleeping more peacefully again, I had to create her a past, full of sad but moving experiences.
Finally writing my book was a delightful experience, absorbing me completely for weeks.
I hope that my readers will, at least in part, have the same emotions, reading the book, I had writing it.

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