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Emma Lesko It's so nice to hear from you, Cade!

I do have a few more ideas for SUPER LEXI books and hope to complete them, but there are no official releases scheduled after the Christmas book comes out in November. When I do have release dates on future books, I'll announce them on my Facebook page -

Thank you for your question!
Emma Lesko As a little kid, I never got into "kid-friendly" activities. Overnight camping trips, field trips, school performances, carnivals, class parties, you name it, they overwhelmed me. I did not like them. But in the 80s, kids' perspectives were not validated as well as they are today, so I frequently faced grown-ups who told me all kids liked that stuff. No one really believed me.

I decided to write SUPER LEXI about a second-grade girl who hates musical performances & staring eyeballs because I think kids need to be told there's more than one way to experience the world. There is power in the written word. I thought if a grown-up wrote a book that says it's OK to see the world this way, then it would be official for whatever kid needs to hear that.
Emma Lesko I've always considered writer's block to be a dry well. The only way for me to refill it is to read great work.
Emma Lesko As a kids' author, the best thing about being a writer is by and large the audience. I love children and I have so much hope and belief in them. The very nature of evolution promises that they are capable of doing greater things than I am. I simply love being a doorway that they can walk through on their own journeys to greatness.
Emma Lesko Be brave, write your truth & thicken your skin gradually. Many writers are private, quiet, introspective people. For those who fit that description, I would say use those loooooong years before publishing to get used to exposure.
Emma Lesko I'm working on a book called SUPER LEXI IS NOT A FAN OF CHRISTMAS. The main character, Lexi, is a second-grade girl who has a phobia of Christmas hoopla. She attempts to get on the naughty list in order to spare herself. Only problem is that breaking rules gives her the feeling of barf.

I was the kind of little kid who was easily overwhelmed by "kid-friendly" activities. I've had to carve out a quiet & nurturing place for myself in a very loud world. Essentially, Lexi is on a journey to do the same.

Emma Lesko Books were always a huge part of me and a tremendous source of comfort. I taught myself to read very young, well before kindergarten. I think I was wired for books in general. At age 5, I began keeping a diary after watching a Leave It to Beaver episode in which Beaver starts keeping one. Journaling centered me and became one of the most restorative activities for me. Handwriting in a notebook continues to be one of the most comforting parts of my day.

My fate was sealed in early elementary school after I stumbled upon the Ramona Quimby books by Beverly Clearly. I felt that Cleary understood me, and I resolved to provide that same validation for kids when I grew up.
Emma Lesko

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