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“I'll be answering questions about my new release, Lime Kiln Road this week. Ask away.” S.L. Shelton

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S.L. Shelton Paul Atreides and Chani, from Frank Herbert's Dune. Chani, was a bad ass in her own right. And even with an entire universe conspiring to make their love seem trivial, Paul and Chani stayed together. To me, it's a story of love so powerful that even the weight of the universe couldn't break it.
S.L. Shelton Haven't gotten far on the audio books. Gretel is at the wall on treatments, no remission achieved. I've been busy trying to make her as happy as possible. Thanks for the shout out on the book boost. Yes. I was very pleased by the response.
S.L. Shelton Yes, indeed there will be. I'm working on it right now. I'm very glad you liked the first six. Feedback and reviews like that always help drive the the author. (We're sort of in a bubble, you know ;)
S.L. Shelton Thanks! Great question. I try to stay true to the hardware used by each service. There are many individual tweaks to equipment in the field by JSOC personnel but the tried and true go-tos are there for a reason. The TAC 50 Rifle (though designated MK 15 by the SEALs) is an easily recognizable weapon with well known performance. Because Scott is CIA, he saw the rifle and thought "TAC 50". Marsh, if asked about it would have not mentioned it was an MK15, but would have instead thought "silly civilian". :) Thanks again for the great question.

Update: June 2017 - A Canadian Special Forces sniper has just shattered Craig Harrison's .338 Lapua Magnum longest confirmed kill destroyed it...with a McMillian TAC 50. This one will stand for a while, I'm sure.
S.L. Shelton Rosemary, I waited for the new cover/content edition to ship to me before sending. I apologize for the wait. I'm sending the second one as well :) I hope you enjoy them both.
S.L. Shelton I love the hours...I have no set schedule in my life. Writing lets me enjoy that like no other profession can. Plus, I like seeing my novels with Best Seller rankings next to them. That thrill motivates me quite a good bit as well.
S.L. Shelton I re-read my previous novels when I get writers block. It allows me to recapture the flow and emboldens me to make drastic changes to my draft to get back the rhythm. I find that writers block comes from one of two sources...boredom in my life, or boredom in my storyline. In either case, the solution is the same--make the storyline more exciting to hold my attention, placing me back into a position of being excited about the next scene.
S.L. Shelton Outline. Outline, outline, outline. When I started writing more than thirty years ago, I jumped into each new idea and cranked out a couple of chapters...sometimes only one. But once the fire in my gut had burned out, I had nothing to keep the story flowing. The outline, something as simple as ten bullet points, diagraming the story from start to finish, allowed me to "first draft" a complete novel and then flesh it out with detail on second pass. I've completed more novels in the last two years than the prior twenty years combined. Outline. Even if it changes before you get to the end of the first chapter, it will hold your hand getting you to the end.
S.L. Shelton The whole series began as an elaborate daydream, sparked by a song "Somebody I used to know", by Gotye. The exercise took on a life of its own and I threw myself behind it completely. The most recent release, Danger Close, is a transition story, bridging Scott Wolfe's old life and his new life. The idea for the story started as a discussion with a friend. His description of his time spent in middle east was so detail rich, that I was instantly motivated to paint it into a story.
S.L. Shelton I'm currently working on the rewrite for novel four in the Scott Wolfe series, Wolfe Trap. It's the third split I've done from first drafts, resulting in more coherent storylines with far more detail than I had when I started the series over two years ago. I'm quite pleased with the progress and hope to have it released by late summer or early autumn.

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