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Gina Watson Dirty is my most recent publication. It's about a woman (Courtney) who comes from an affluent and powerful family. She is interested in a guy (Sawyer) who works three jobs just to make ends meet. To protect himself from heartache, Sawyer believes he cannot build a life with Courtney--they are from two different worlds. Unfortunately for Sawyer, he can't be around Courtney without feelings of strong sexual desire. The book gets heated and around halfway through there is a ten-page surprise.

So...the idea for the book came from where? I have no idea. Is that bad? I've had these characters in my head floating around for a year and I finally let them out.
Gina Watson Procrastination can get the best of anyone. The main thing that works wonders for me is a schedule. When I first resigned from my desk job and became a writer I thought it was going to be awesome because I had zero deadlines and all the time in the world. Working from home is great, but when cleaning the kitchen becomes higher priority than writing there's a problem.
I have to focus on my schedule in order to follow it. Now I go to sleep at a decent hour (any time before midnight). I get up at six and start writing (and I do mean writing!) at seven. I'll write well until noon. By then I need a break. However, if I follow this schedule, I get a solid four thousand words per day. That's good for me.
When I don't feel inspiration for one project, I skip a section and usually end up writing the ending, or how I currently think I want the book to end (it usually changes).
If I follow these strategies, I don't have problems with inspiration for writing because I truly love, love, love my job. It's a dream and I feel completely humbled to be able to live it because I know that not a lot of people get to live their dreams.
Gina Watson I'm always working on the St. Martins and Davids. I'm also working on a new adult series and a contemporary erotic series.
Gina Watson Everyone says this...I suspect it's because it's true...write every day! With every book I write, I become a better writer. My first book totally sucked, but I kept with it and I'm getting better. Don't be afraid to finish that manuscript, and then move on to the next one.
Gina Watson I have to say the people I've met have been amazing! Romance novelist are wonderful people. Aside from that I would have to say creating and bringing life to characters is a huge delight for me.
Gina Watson Writer's block can be a struggle until you figure out what works for you. When I get stuck I start flow charting and, as the name implies, my words begin to flow once I get the ideas on paper.

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