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Meghan Quinn Hi pretty,

There is just The Virgin Romance Novelist and The Randy Romance Novelist. They are a duet for now. I don't know if there will be another. If there is, it won't be for a while. <3
Meghan Quinn Hi pretty, Yes, there will be an end. I'm just trying to figure out when. I will try to keep everyone updated. Thank you for loving these characters. :)
Meghan Quinn Possibly :) Who knows. Keep your eyes and ears open. Much love and boob squeezes.
Meghan Quinn Hey pretty. It will come out this year. It will be a surprise release :)
Meghan Quinn Hi Dawn,

I'm so glad you enjoyed the Bourbon Series and Kace's story. Diego will have a story for sure. I'm not sure when it will be, but he will get one for sure. Not the best answer in the world but that's what I have so far, haha. I wish I could give you an exact time frame. I'm sorry!

Much love and boob squeezes!

B>> Meghan
Meghan Quinn Hi Sonya,

There will be. 2016 the Addiction Series will be over.

Much love and boob squeezes! B>> Meghan
Meghan Quinn Hi Peju,

So glad you enjoyed Newly Exposed. I love Adam and Solo so much. There will be books about the other models, I promise. I just have to see where I can fit them in.

Much love and boob squeezes! B>> Meghan
Meghan Quinn Hi Mayra,

So glad you enjoyed Newly Exposed. I just love Adam and Solo. Yes, there will be books about the other models, when, I'm not sure but they will get their stories. Stay tuned.

Much love and boob squeezes B>> Meghan
Meghan Quinn Hi Noora!

Thank you for writing! There is a book about Kace and it's out right now! It'ca called Repentance! Check it out :)
Meghan Quinn Hi pretty!

Thank you. So glad you enjoyed Kace's story. He's done, he might appear in other Bourbon Series Spin offs but that's it. And Yes, I do plan on finishing Warbler's point, I just have to get in the right frame of mind. It's hard sometimes to go back to series that you wrote when you were first starting out. I plan on giving them an HEA though.
Meghan Quinn Hi Heather! Yes there will be, the fourth book is actually the next book I'm working on. Due in December :)
Meghan Quinn Hi Miel!

They are not, I actually don't know who McFly/McBusted are. I will have to look them up now. Thank you for reading Toxic. I hope you enjoyed.

B>> Meghan
Meghan Quinn Hi Noelle!

The next book will be coming out this fall. Still have to figure out what I'm going to do with Jane. :)

SO glad you're enjoying the series, it was my first so there is a special place in my heart for it.

Much love and boob squeezes! B>> Meghan
Meghan Quinn There will be a book three. Still deciding on when but I will keep everyone updated. Thank you so much for reading!! Love and boob squeezes - Meghan
Meghan Quinn HI Diana,

Sorry, I didn't see this question. I apologize about the wait. Right now, I'm looking at about 4-6 books in the Hot-Lanta series. Not quite sure. For the Love and Sports series, all the books are out. Parker and Margo will show up in the Hot-Lanta series, so you will see their story continue over there. Hope that helps. :)

B>> Meghan
Meghan Quinn

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