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Dan E. Arndt Tons of music. Writer's block doesn't last very long when I blast some music.
Dan E. Arndt So far, being able to impact someone's life. I've received emails from students who have read my novel and how it has changed their perspective on bullying, cutting, and/or suicide. This is the best gift to me as a writer - knowing that my book can change someone's thoughts and create a more positive world in the end.
Dan E. Arndt Just keep writing and experiment. This is the same advice I give my students all of the time. If you don't try, how do you know if you will become successful at it?

Also, have FUN! Writing should be fun. If it becomes a chore or something you do not like to do, it bleeds through the page and your future readers will know.
Dan E. Arndt I'm currently working Changes of St. Aelred High. The book centers on Brandy Felix who is Nia's cousin. This book looks at bullying and other issues from the bystander perspective.
Dan E. Arndt When it hits me, it hits me hard. I wrote the original draft of the novel in 13 days.

Other inspiration comes from talking with colleagues, reading more books, and listening to music.

My family also helps to encourage me to write as much as possible. The same goes with my editor, Andrea Reynolds, who constantly pushes for the next book (she likes my style of writing).
Dan E. Arndt The idea for Angels & Bullies of St. Alered High came from observing my students in and out of the classroom. I worked at an inner-city charter school where a good portion of my students were there because of the Juvenile court system - basically, attend school every day or go to lock-up. Anyways, the students I had continually got into fights (if you fight it's an automatic 5-10 day suspension, which is a legal excuse not to go to school). Most of the fights happened because of misunderstandings. At the Catholic and public schools I worked at, I saw the same behaviors happen with bullying.

The original idea for the novel was about 10 students who were completely different (jocks, nerds, etc). These 10 students would have been the surviving members of the freshman class that end up forming a bond and changing the school. This concept changed when I decided to focus more on the behaviors of the bully and the target.

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