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“In this the month of August I would like to entertain any questions about my book series Through the Fold. ” Paul J. Joseph

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Paul J. Joseph Some days are simply not writing days. Some days there is no wind for your sails. Sorry, but that's the truth. Rather than complaining and dragging it out, do something you like. Ride a bike, climb a hill, take a walk, start a new hobby. If you must write, convince yourself that you are writing only for yourself. Try writing an essay instead of a story. Write a diary if that helps. Inspiration is worth waiting for.
Paul J. Joseph The best thing about being a writer is creating that which would not be there if you had not been born. Writing is a more intense experience than reading. Writing is reading from the inside. I often feel extremely intense emotions when I write, more so than life typically gives. And then, when written, they remain forever. Not everyone can do this, or at least not everybody does. It becomes part of my reason for being on this Earth.
Paul J. Joseph Take your time, don't give up, don't let anyone tell you what you should and shouldn't write (including me). Don't bother with self help books. If you want to go there, just buy one because they're all the same and then do exactly the opposite of whatever it tells you to. Read, but don't read what people tell you is good. Read what you enjoy. Write what you enjoy writing about. Don't force it. Don't neglect your family, but be willing to isolate yourself when you have to. Trust your characters. They make your stories work.
Paul J. Joseph My most recent project involves a conversation with a robot code named Turing. I've always wanted to write about artificial intelligence, and this is one who wants to find himself. He starts by designing and re-designing his own body simply because he is bored.
Paul J. Joseph I don't drink! I do stay up late and take long walks. I look on beauty and take pictures. I read. I watch people and listen to them. Most of all, I try to think of things that haven't been over-done. Most of all, I don't try to imagine what people want to read, necessarily.
Paul J. Joseph Inspiration comes from everywhere. My book Window in the Sky (not yet available) was inspired by a question: What would happen if a planet orbited a black star just inside the event horizon? What would the sky look like with light coming from both ways?

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