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Fern G.Z. Carr With trembling hand, I pressed "Inbox". Eight hundred e-mails awaited me.
Fern G.Z. Carr Although I'm not particularly keen on pirates, I still would choose "The Story of Doctor Dolittle" by Hugh Lofting. While it is a children's book, I would love to learn from the good doctor and be able to have great conversations with all sorts of animals.
Fern G.Z. Carr My tastes are quite eclectic. In addition to reading poetry plus my Mandarin textbook daily, I've perused the Mueller Report and listened to Neil deGrasse Tyson's audiobook, "Astrophysics for People in a Hurry". I'm currently fascinated by Kevin Dutton's "The Wisdom of Psychopaths".
Fern G.Z. Carr The overarching theme of Shards of Crystal is that while life can be harsh, it is a true privilege. Shards of Crystal, while in part fictional, nevertheless draws upon many real-life accounts from the news and from people whose paths have crossed with mine. I used these stories to metaphorically tie together their pain, "shards", at the start of the book and gradually changed course until concluding with the beauty and enlightenment that "crystal" represents.
Fern G.Z. Carr Thoughts often just pop into my mind and nag me to write poems about them. I keep a journal of these ideas so that they aren't forgotten. I can then deal with these ideas and pair them up with the type of poetry I feel like writing at a particular time.
Fern G.Z. Carr I am currently composing some poetry in Mandarin (Chinese). Additionally, since I don't feel that any poem is ever truly finished - there are always more drafts in store - I'm reviewing some of the hundreds of poems I've written and am fine-tuning them.
Fern G.Z. Carr Despite any insecurities stemming from inexperience, have faith in yourself and persist, persist, persist.
Fern G.Z. Carr If I am able to have my words resonate with readers so as to touch their lives, then that is one of the most meaningful accomplishments I will have achieved as a writer.
Fern G.Z. Carr I take a break and do something completely unrelated to the project at hand. Personally, I try not to fret over writer's block since that only tends to make it worse. Shifting focus gives the mind a bit of a rest until the creative spirit returns - it always does.

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