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“I will answer as many questions as I can when I can, but as long as they're interesting, I will answer them!” Piers Torday

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Piers Torday Hi Electro Cat - so glad you enjoyed the Wild trilogy, thanks for reading! The White Pigeon is definitely one of my favourite characters too, he was so much fun to write. But I also love the Wolf-Cub, The General and the Lizard. I am not going to write another one for now, but never say never... All best, Piers age 43
Piers Torday The Underground Railroad
Piers Torday Hi Nitro

I can't remember either - although it may well have been!

The other reason I wrote it in present tense was so readers could really feel they were in Kester's shoes and that the adventure was happening to them right there and then.

Piers Torday Hi Benjamin

Read constantly and widely - including stuff you may not like (or think you like), but writing is 60% reading, 40% writing.

Write every day, even if it is only a couple of hundred words. They'll soon stack up and your craft will improve.

Don't edit/re-write till you have finished a draft, no matter how great the temptation.

Keep the faith and remember that no-one else has your idea or your way of seeing the world. Don't worry if your voice on the page looks different to how you imagined - because that is exactly what will make your work unique..

Good luck!
Piers Torday Hi Matthew

Thanks for your question, it's a good one...Well, all I can say is if you read "The Wild Beyond", you may well find out...


Piers Torday The idea for The Dark Wild sprang from pondering the recent scientific theory of the 'Anthropocene Age', which suggests we are in a new geological era, where for the first time human beings are the single most dominant species on the planet, with the ability to fundamentally alter the world we live in, unhindered by nature or constrained by other species. This prospect has either terrifying or amazing consequences...which will we choose?
Piers Torday Amazing true life stories. Extraordinary facts. Wonderful books by other people. Powerful films. Walks in the park. Striking images.

Looking at my contract deadlines and my bank balance...
Piers Torday The third book in The Last Wild Trilogy, called The Wild Beyond - due out in the UK Spring 2015.
Piers Torday Keep going. And never, ever, show, submit or publish anything to the wider world (other than partners, family, very close friends, mentors, writing partners etc) until you and your trusted readers are sure it is absolutely the best version of that story you are able to write. Writing is a long game and trust me - the wait will pay off!
Piers Torday The freedom to spend your day making up stories in your head and within reason, do what you want with your own time.
Piers Torday Two ways. The hard way - write through it. Put something down, however terrible it feels, and eventually you write through that to where you want to be. It can be grueling but writer's block is simply a state of mind, nothing more. The more fun way is to leave the desk and go to watch a film, visit an exhibition, read a book you wouldn't normally read or see a play. Relax and top up your imaginative subconscious if you are running on empty.

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