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Wilkie Martin Hi Mark - thanks for the question. I am in the early stages of the 5th Hobbes book - its working title is Inspector Hobbes and the Common People
Wilkie Martin Thank you, Deborah
I had not thought of publishing an addendum, but it's a good idea and I'll have to give it some thought. Drawing maps is not my strongpoint, though I have a sort of map of Sorenchester and its surroundings in my head that is based very loosely on the town where I live. I like to play with the idea that ancient myths and legends have some basis in reality, and it's fun to imagine that some of the beings from these tales are still around and more or less integrated into society. (Occasionally I meet people that make me think there really are unhumans!) I have plans to write at least one more Hobbes book when I have completed my current one.
Wilkie Martin Thanks! I'm currently working on a different book, although it is set in the same world as the Unhuman books. However, I do intend to write more Unhuman books in due course.
Wilkie Martin A novel provisionally entitled Razor. It is about a man who is suicidal and guilt-ridden after his wife's death and who decides to die heroically doing good to someone in distress. It's not as easy as he thinks.
Wilkie Martin By going for a walk, which often clears my head. If that doesn't work I will write anything, just the first thoughts that come into my head, only ensuring that it is completely unrelated to any work in progress. That usually shifts any log jam and gets me writing again.
Wilkie Martin Inventing characters and situations and then sitting back and seeing how the characters interact and respond to the situation.
Wilkie Martin First write what you want to write and then get it right. The first draft is not by any means the finished article. I would suggest reading it through, making any obvious edits, and then put it aside for a month or two. When you come back to it fresh and re-read it, you should see any flaws, bits that don't add to the story, bits that need developing, and any themes that need to be worked on. Get those right and then concentrate on making it readable.

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