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Stuart J. Whitmore Don't aspire -- just write! It's fun to talk about writing and dream about various measures of writing success, but when it comes to being a writer, there is absolutely no alternative to actually doing it. Get words out of your head and onto paper or the screen. If you don't, you're a non-writer. If you do, you're a writer. No "aspiring" about it!

Of course, there's a difference between being a writer who publishes and a writer whose works are never seen by others, but you have to take the first step -- of writing -- before you can take later steps (publishing, having a movie made from your novel, becoming an eccentric millionaire, etc.). If you've been saying "I'm going to write" then go do it -- right now! Start writing. The clock is ticking.
Stuart J. Whitmore From what I've heard from other writers, I don't think I've ever really experienced what they refer to as writer's block. When I'm writing, the words usually flow faster than I can get them down. Once in awhile I do get stuck, but it's either indecision (trying to choose which pit of despair my characters most deserve as their fate... ha ha) or forgetfulness (knowing I had a plan but not remembering what it was, whether for a specific character, a scene, or a whole book). In either case, I can either give up on the story -- not something I would advise -- or just start writing *something* because I know it will force my hand into deciding what comes next.

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