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Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Hi there! Colel is coming up next, right after the release of OHellNo #4, Battle of the Bulge in February.

I'm still on the fence about Zac and Tula getting their own story. I THINK so, but I'm going to make the final decision when I sit down with Brutus. Could be a combo story line that includes Z & T's. Best, Mimi
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff So sorry. I'm rarely ever on GR! I do not believe I'll be doing audio versions of Mack or Ten Club at this time. I very much WANT to, but there's a resource challenge on my end. Not enough hours in the day! I'm so sorry! Best, Mimi
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Crazy! I never see these notes on GR. Of course, I'm rarely on here. Book 3, Digging A Hole, is already out and book 4, Battle of the Bulge, is coming Feb. 14th, 2019. Hope you enjoy! Mimi
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff HI! It will release on Nov. 3rd. Hope you enjoy! XOXO - Mimi
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Hi Zoey!! Thank you for asking! I miss them, too, so just as soon as I'm done writing PAWN (Mr. ROOK #2), I'll get cracking on Forgetty's story. That should put me at a late Dec. release, I hope. The best way to stay up to date is via my monthly newsletter, AKA my crazy-ass email of randomness (sign up on
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Hi Angela,
Sorry for the late response. I don't regularly monitor GR. But you'll be happy to hear that I'm working on this right now. It's in the early stages, but I might have them around the holidays if all goes well. I'll be sure to announce on FB and my newsletter (as well as do some freebies!) if you subscribe to that.
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Hi, Tiffany! Great question! I've got it penciled in for late 2017. The best way to stay up to date with my new releases and schedule is to check my
website or sign up for my mailing list. But the Goddess of Forgetfulness is going to be CRAY-Z! I will need to eat lots of Powerbars to write that one. XOXO - Mimi
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Hi, Lovely Latifa! Well...I am working on MR. ROOK right now, and he will make his grand appearance in June. After that, Oh, Henry! is penciled in. After Henry, I must decide if I move to PAWN (Mr. Rook #2) or FORGETTY (Immortal Matchmakers, #4) OR...SKINNY PANTS (Happy Pants #3).

Seriously, my big issue is getting them onto paper fast enough. They are all right here, though. My fingers never want to move fast enough. Time for a computer brain! LOL.
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Hi BETH! So sorry for the delay. I don't log into this site often enough because of my schedule. Honestly, I have SKINNY PANTS planned next, and that is Jack's story. He is penciled in for early 2018. I WANT, WANT, WANT to put it out sooner, but much of that will depend on my fingers. They aren't moving as fast as I'd like these days. I promise to keep readers updated on my monthly newsletter (you can join on
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Hi Tonia! First, let me apologize for not answering you sooner. I seldom log into GR anymore since I'm always in my cave!!! I do not have plans to travel thatta way soon. After 15 yrs of traveling for my day job, you'll only see me getting on a plane for a warm, sandy vacation. Even then, I whine like crazy! I just wish you were closer! LOL! - Mimi
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Not really. I mean, it's always hard for me since I'm writing 5-6 books a year and juggling kids and life. I'm now used to working in those holidays, vacations, summer break days, etc. It's a way of life. I hope that 2017 will be the year where I slow down and actually have a schedule versus just a constant hamster wheel.
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff HI! Sorry it took so long for me to answer. YES! Most definitely. I don't like writing pure humor or just dark drama. Alternating feeds both sides of the creative soul. :) I actually have FOUR new series planned, one of them is similar to KING in that it's twisty, dark, and sexy. I'm planning to firm up my 2017-2018 line up by year's end. All I can say is that it will be different from anything out there, but that's to be expected. :) HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Mimi
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Hi THERE! Yes! How did you guess? :) But first comes Sarah's story. It's already written and coming out next summer. ALL LEATHERED UP.

I will write Jack's story early next year, and it will release summer 2018. So far away...Ahhh.... But so glad you enjoyed TAILORED!
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Hi Robin! Thanks for asking. That story-line continues with The Immortal Matchmakers Series, picking up where ACCIDENTALLY OVER? left off! :)
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Hi Jenny!!! Thank you for the kind words about King! I'm happy to tell you that FUGLY is a standalone. READ AWAY!! The ending doesn't come with a perfect pretty bow (I mean, it is called "Fugly" for a reason), but it does leave the reader with an ending that implies an HEA. It was a very deliberate move on my part because the hero and heroine would have some BIG issues to think about before moving on to the next level (that would be a whole other book). And I wasn't sure readers would truly want a sequel. So, now I know I absolutely HAVE to write another, that too will be a standalone with it's own unique message. I hope people like it!! Thanks for the questions. XX- Mimi
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Thank you, Lisa!!!!!!! So glad you liked it. I know that I kinda-sorta write a variety of romance sub-genres, ranging from humor to dark fantasy, but at the heart of it, I'm all about adventure! I love taking the ride with my characters. They always surprise me. :) But more importantly, they give my readers a little mental vacay, which is THE GOAL. XXX- HUGS. Mimi
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Hi Christine! December 13th is the official date! I only hope that the gods of romance help me hit that date!! XX- Mimi
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Hi, Lilah!!! Thank you!! I love Cimil, too!! She's like the crazy aunt no one admits to having, but still manages to be loved by every member of the family. I doubt I'll do another novella, but she will remain a central character (the circus ring leader) in the IMMORTAL MATCHMAKERS INC. Series until the very end! I already know the ending. It won't be like ACCIDENTALLY OVER?, but we will finally learn wassup with Minky!! LOL. XX- Mimi
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Hi Miki!

Let's see:
COLEL (Mistress of Bees), #6

The page needs to be updated, but here's the link to the covers!

That's all I have planned for now! I am considering if Zac gets his own book or if his story continues to get woven into the others. Not entirely sure just yet. Thanks for the question! - Mimi

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