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“Hello everyone!!! I will be here on Goodreads for a while, answering your questions about The Nightingale, writing, or really, anything! Join in to the conversation! ” Kristin Hannah 4 months ago

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Kristin Hannah Hello Alicia, and thanks!!! Yes, Home Front and The Things We Do For Love are in development now. Fingers crossed. :) I have turned down several movie options on Firefly Lane. I'm waiting for the right producer to come along. :)
Kristin Hannah Hi Annie---Two of my books are currently in development for feature films. Home Front is in pre-production with Chris Columbus, the producer of The Help. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it goes forward! Thanks for asking.

My hobbies are reading, writing, traveling, surfing, running, paddle-boarding. :)
Kristin Hannah Hi Beth---

LOL! I get this question often. :) The answer is that I usually don't cry when working on a book. Never while writing the first draft, never while editing. Twice--with Winter Garden and the new book--I have cried at the final read through. :)
Kristin Hannah Hi Katherine---I think anything that gets people reading and makes it easier to find and read books is a great thing. I read on an e-reader when I travel, but I still like my physical books at home. :)
Kristin Hannah Hi Vanessa! Until The Nightingale, Winter Garden was my favorite book, too. I think what they have in common are fascinating women living through impossibly dark and difficult historical times. I just love books that celebrate the durability and strength of women. The book took about 18 months to write, and I loved every minute of it. Let me know what you think about The Nightingale. I'm guessing you'll love it.
Kristin Hannah Hi Johanna, this is a great question but hard to answer. It's a tie between Kate in Firefly Lane and Jolene in Home Front.
Kristin Hannah Hi Ilze! What a great question. Names are surprisingly important to me, and I hear from my writer friends that I am not alone in this. It takes a long time to come up with exactly the right one. Once, I wrote about two hundred pages of a book and realized that I couldn't keep going because the name was wrong. I went back to the drawing board, changed the character's name and I was back on track. And yes, I go for sound and meaning and heritage.
Kristin Hannah Thanks so much, Jackie! What an interesting question. Hmmm... Which character do I most identify with? It's hard to say because there is a part of me in every heroine I write, but none of them are "mostly" me. I guess if pressed, I would say that I identify most with Jolene from Home Front. I am a long long way from a kickass heroine, but I'm a working mom who sometimes takes on too much and has trouble relinquishing control. I would say that my favorite character is still little Alice from Magic Hour. She just stole my heart.
Kristin Hannah Thanks, Renie. I love the diversity, too. It keeps each book fresh and exciting for me as a writer. In researching any subject--and certainly with WWII France, I start with general research. Books on politics, social mores, geography, history, and then I narrow my focus to the areas in which I am interested. The very best and last research I do is the memoirs of people who have lived through whatever I am writing about. If I'm VERY lucky, I get to visit the places I write about.
Kristin Hannah Hi Charity--wow! It sounds like you have your hands full with four kids. :) I'm amazed you find any time to read. Thank you so much for loving my books. I really started writing exactly because I wanted to be an at home mom. And yes, I do write often about my personal experiences. The book that most closely mirrors my life is Firefly Lane. It is very much about my life; it's an homage to my beloved mom, whom I lost to cancer when I was 25. Hope you love The Nightingale!
Kristin Hannah LOL!!! I'd LOVE to get a movie made. Two are in development right now so my fingers are crossed. :) I love talking to readers. Thanks so much for joining in, Amy.
Kristin Hannah Hi Kat! I'm so glad you loved Angel Falls! I have to say that Julian True is one of few characters that has really stayed with me over the years. Who knows...I may go back to him someday. Thanks!
Kristin Hannah Thank you so much, Dilan! Well, I have a TON of favorite authors, but an easy answer is Stephen King. I have read everything he's written for thirty years, so I guess he's at the top of the list. I think you're asking how I title books, and honestly that is not one of my gifts. :) My editor and my friends are responsible for titling many of my books. Thanks!
Kristin Hannah Thanks so much, Justin! What do you write? I was inspired to write Winter Garden by the amazing true story of the Siege of Leningrad. I couldn't believe I hadn't read much about the women who survived it.

It is such a powerful true story, I just had to re-imagine it for myself.
Kristin Hannah Hi Karina---

I just absolutely love writing. I am so so lucky to be able to do this with my life. It is a real gift. Many of my novels are based on my experiences and my life, but each is a work of fiction through and through. Have a good weekend, too!
Kristin Hannah Hi Marsha--I'm all for it! I would love to see one of my books made into a movie. I don't usually picture actors or actresses in a role. I think that's because I need to have them completely in my head.
Kristin Hannah Hi Heather---that's True Colors, right? I have known LOTS of vets in my life. As a girl, I lived on horseback and was in 4-H and attended a lot of shows. We also had cattle and dogs and cats. Are you a vet?
Kristin Hannah
Kristin Hannah

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