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Joanna Sims Hi Erica,
Sorry it took me so long to respond back, I have been busy finishing up my next book. Yes I am hosting another giveaway. Have you entered this last giveaway? Email me at and I can answer any of your other questions and I will let you know of other opportunities that are coming up. You can like me on Facebook as well. Also, put November 17th on your calendar for a big surprise at my website.
Happy reading,
Joanna Sims
Joanna Sims Writer's block! Ugh! I get it all the time! I'm a tortured writer. Sometimes, it takes me a day to write one page. But, I just keep on going back to it - I never give up.
Joanna Sims I've always loved to write, ever since I was a young girl. The best thing about being a writer is connecting with readers who've enjoyed my writing. It's hard when people don't like my books, so the positive feedback from my fans is doubly important!
Joanna Sims Know the line you're targeting, and write what the readers want. Find out what the editors are looking for, what they feel is trending in their line, keep writing and don't give up! My first manuscript was rejected and it hurt. But, I found out what the editor for Special Edition wanted by listening to a podcast, wrote a book with those elements, and it sold! That book was the first Brand family book, A Baby for Christmas!
Joanna Sims I am working on The Brands of Montana #3, featuring Brand cousin Taylor and rugged and rough around the edges cowboy, Clint. They are going on a very exciting journey together in this book and I can't wait for it to come out in June of 2016!
Joanna Sims Sometimes it takes me a very long time to get motivated, but I often feel inspired after a trip. The One He's Been Looking For was born from a trip to San Diego with my husband, and recently, I took a train ride up to NYC for the RWA 15 conference and came up with some wonderful characters to add to the Brand mix (including a NYC detective looking to meet his real father).
Joanna Sims I have an entire family of characters in my head impatiently waiting for their turn to get a feature story! I actually have my husband working on a Brand family tree that will be uploaded on my website High Country Christmas, due out December 1st, features Tyler Brand. Tyler Brand first appeared in A Baby for Christmas and has had to wait several years to get his own book! I hope you all enjoy his romance with London Davenport!

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