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Sara Donati Hi Carol - Audiobooks are a wonderful thing, aren't they? I'm never in the car without one ready to go. So pleased to hear that you're enjoying the novels. Your encouragement and support are very much appreciated.
Sara Donati Librarians are some of my favorite people. Thank you kindly for your support and encouragement -- and for spreading the word. It's a great boost to hear from new readers, and greatly appreciated.
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Sara Donati Hi Becky. These are great questions, and I'd like to answer them - but in a way that will draw more readers in. Have you found my author page on FaceBook? There's a discussion forum there, and that's where I'll put my answers. I'm not sure goodreads will let me put the link here, but if you go to FaceBook and search Sara Donati, it should pop right up.
Sara Donati Anna Savard and Sophie Savard are the main characters in the newer books. They are granddaughters/great granddaughters of various Bonner, Savard and Freeman families from the first six novels. One of the main characters from the first series -- I generally let people figure out for themselves exactly who -- is a primary character in the newer books. But it's someone you know well.
Sara Donati There are six books in the Wilderness series. In the Waverly Place series there are currently two, and a contract for one more. The novel I'm working on now is about the same families, but it's a stand-alone set in 1857. So a minimum of ten novels (once I write the last two), and then we'll see what my publisher thinks. Which depends primarily on what readers think, and (publishing is a business, remember) sales.

Thank you kindly for your support. Please don't forget there's a
faq page where you'll find answers to many questions that pop up here.
Sara Donati I can't say for sure how many books there will be in the series, but at least one more. It's very good to know that Sophie has captured your interest.
Sara Donati Unlikely. But I appreciate your interest and enthusiasm.
Sara Donati Melanie -- sorry for the very long delay in answering. I have 50+ books and articles I consulted writing the novel, and that was some 23 years ago. I wish I could remember the citations and tell you where I found it, but I haven't been able to reconstruct my steps.
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Sara Donati Interesting question, but I can't really answer it. I'll bring it up for discussion on the Sara Donati Facebook page.
Sara Donati Simple question, complicated answer. Have a look here:

And thank you for your support, Lauren.
Sara Donati Are you In Australia/NZ? My agent is still hammering out the audiobook distribution for the Down Under readers. I know it's been a really long haul, but it looks as if they might soon come to an agreement. I'll announce that on FaceBook when the news comes through. If you are in the States, you should be able to find the audio at

Thank you kindly for your interest and support,
Sara Donati Hi Marian -- Sophie left New Orleans at age ten to move to Manhattan. At that age any child will adapt linguistically to the new surroundings and take as a language focus the children in the new place. It is common practice for a narrator to discuss the pronunciation of names and also the native accent of the characters before he or she starts recording. Kate Reading has always done this, but Cassandra Campbell jumped over that step and I didn't find out until it was too late to make some changes. So Sophie should not have had a French accent to begin with. I apologize for the jolt.
Sara Donati Hi Constance -- There's a whole website for the novel: -- and in the right hand column you'll find a link to the genealogy bits. There are multiple trees that will help you sort things out. Thanks for asking!
Sara Donati Hello Maegan -- that is an interesting question, but I think the answer is a pretty simple one: no, you don't need to read the Leatherstocking Tales first. The connection between the LT and the Wilderness series is very limited. The Pioneers is the only Leatherstocking novel with direct relevance, but even then the connections are on the surface only. Also, many people find James Fenimore Cooper's writing style very difficult -- Mark Twain, for example, was not kind in his opinion. He could tell a story but he couldn't write dialog very well.

If you decide to read the LT first, I'd be curious about your experience and thoughts. In any case, I hope you enjoy the Wilderness series.


Sara Donati That's an interesting idea. I'm struggling to meet deadlines, though, and I can't let myself lose focus.

There is some backstory about Ethan and the reason he left Manhattan in The Gilded Hour, which might be of interest.

I put a lot of time and thought into Ethan and Callie, and also into Ambrose Dye and Isaiah Kuick, because it was important to me to see where they fit in the full spectrum of human-kind, and how they got to be the people they were. Somewhere maybe a book group might compare Ambrose Dye and Jemima, because they are very similar in their flaws and views of the world.

It's very good to know that I managed to engage your imagination on for these characters. Thank you.
Sara Donati Hi Pat -- You are very kind. I'm so glad you like Rosa and Lia because they were both fun and a challenge to get right.

I wish I could tell you that the sequel will be out tomorrow, but I'm still plugging away. It's my intention to finish by the spring, and then it's up to the publisher -- at the earliest, my guess, next fall. I hope you find it worth the wait. Thanks again for your kind support and encouragement.

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