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Alice Lam I don't have a 100% working solution. From my experience, there can be many obstacles that stop the flow of words and ideas - from a bad night's sleep, to stress or juggling too many things, for example. So, if I identify a significant factor, I usually try to remedy that before I expect writing to recommence.

Sometimes an idea I'm working on is simply immature and needs more time to percolate, so I set it aside rather than trying to force something to happen.

Remembering to have fun, what was an initial major draw to creative writing, can free me from constraints of 'have to write story X'. I might step away from a WIP and find a prompt for a flash fiction contest. I find that really loosens up the writing muscles.
Alice Lam He came to, struggled against the bindings around his wrists and ankles. As he groaned, the basement door creaked open.
Alice Lam A difficult one to answer as I have found different things have helped me along the way, whether it's an idea for a story, character or setting, or just more fodder for one of my favourite themes (usually dark or psychological).

It could be just hearing a particular word or phrase, or seeing something in nature, or wanting to share something from my own life experience. Sometimes an idea just comes when I don't expect it!
Alice Lam If you write, you are a writer, not just an aspiring writer. To paraphrase Stephen King, "read a lot, write a lot". Read books that you enjoy, and some you wouldn't normally pick up so you learn about the rich spectrum of writing skills. Start small - flash fiction was a great start for me, which helped me gain confidence. Join writing groups/online forums for peer support. Good luck!
Alice Lam One of the best things is having an excuse to daydream, philosophise, research niche topics, and fall into the world of words.

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