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“I'll be answering questions about my books, because answering questions about other people's books might get confusing.” Brad Parks

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Brad Parks Hey, Leslie, sorry for the slow reply... I lived in Staunton for a while, then moved. But, in any event, yes I do library appearances. : ) Contact your local librarian... or, better yet, bother the library in Staunton, that way I can go to Split Banana afterwards...
Brad Parks Thanks for reading, Erwin! I can definitely see Amy making a comeback in future books. Ditto with her defense attorney foil, Mr. Honeywell. They're both characters I enjoyed writing very much.
Brad Parks Thanks, John! I think the "new" Newark makes an appearance or two. (For example, in THE GOOD COP, there's a reference to a character in a loft downtown). Though, for the most part, I've tended to be more interested in the part of Newark that doesn't change that much--the old neighborhoods. They don't get enough ink. : )
Brad Parks I did know that. And the really embarrassing thing? My wife actually grew up in Sussex County. I've been there many times. That particular mistake has since been corrected, but obviously it's still out there in certain editions. Sorry!
Brad Parks Hi Lori -- First, call me Brad. Second, Goodreads (or at least version I see) does list my Carter Ross mystery series. But in case you're not seeing it, they are (in chronological order): Faces of the Gone, Eyes of the Innocent, The Girl Next Door, The Good Cop, The Player, The Fraud. I hope you enjoy them!
Brad Parks Oh, Goodreads. It's lovely of you to ask. But I assure my real life is far too boring to inspire a novel. There's a reason I make stuff up for a living.
Brad Parks My next book is a standalone--and I hope you'll like it, even though it's not Carter. Not exactly sure when Carter returns, but it's my hope to write him again someday. I miss him, too!
Brad Parks No, I don't sometimes struggle. I struggle at all times. That, I'm afraid, is writing. If you're not struggling, you're probably doing it wrong. :)
Brad Parks Hi Kate! Thanks for your interest. The Nightgown is actually a short story--a prequel about how Carter came to be hired at his newspaper. The first actual book is FACES OF THE GONE. But, really, I write them so they all make sense as standalones. So you can start with whichever one catches your fancy. Hope that helps!
Brad Parks I don't believe in writer's block in the hopes it won't believe in me.
Brad Parks You mean other than being able to work in our pajamas?

Okay, serious answer: I think it's being able to live authentically. If you work hard, you can eventually get yourself into a position where you only write what you want to write, and you only write it because you believe it. It makes looking in the mirror each morning real easy.
Brad Parks The secret to writing well is to first write poorly. A lot. I firmly believe every writer has a half million to million really bad words that have to come out first before they can hope to find the good stuff. I started writing professionally when I was 14, covering sports for my hometown newspaper, and probably didn't write much of anything decent until I was at least 25.
Brad Parks A book that will make you want to furiously turn pages.
Brad Parks Oh, that's easy: I have small children who like to eat and I have no other marketable skills.
Brad Parks This is probably the No. 1 question authors get asked, and the one for which we usually don't have a very good answer. Because, really, who knows where this stuff comes from?

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