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Jojo Moyes I think this was the last book. I might revisit her in a short story. But I have a couple of other books that I want to work on for now.
Jojo Moyes Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. And no, I'm planning a very different book entirely for the next one.
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Jojo Moyes Well, it was loosely based on a true story, in which the man refused to live. And that was what intrigued me - what would you do if someone simply refused to adapt? We all like to think that we'd be able to handle the situation with grace, to move forward, but I wanted to be true to Will's (unusually stubborn) character - he doesn't react like other men would.
Jojo Moyes Do it every day and get it done!
Jojo Moyes I think I'm taking a break from Louisa. At the moment my plan is perhaps to revisit her in a short story in a few years - nothing more - but who knows? I'm researching a new book which is very different...
Jojo Moyes
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Jojo Moyes
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Jojo Moyes Hi Regan - I'm not entirely sure what you mean by 'blatant' but yes, I do try to feature strong women. I try to write women that I recognise and who do things rather than buy things. And yes I have plenty of strong women in my life. I'm sure a bit of it has rubbed off!
Jojo Moyes I don't know about The Girl but I can tell you I'm working on the script for One Plus One right now...
Jojo Moyes You're the second person to point this out to me, and I honestly hadn't made the connection. But it's an interesting one - I wonder if my subconscious picked up on it. One of my proudest moments after the book came out was when the Christopher Reeve Foundation said they supported the book - I did think that Christopher Reeve was the most extraordinary man and handled his life post injury with a rare grace.
Jojo Moyes Oh Gosh. I think they all contain bits of me. But my oldest friend says that Jess from The One Plus One is most like me. (although I'm definitely less optimistic, and I rarely wear flip flops)
Jojo Moyes This changes ALL THE TIME. But Heartburn, Nora Ephron; National Velvet by Enid Bagnold; The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt are pretty constant.
Jojo Moyes Up until now they've been standalone, but HoneyMoon in Paris can be read before or after The Girl You Left Behind as they contain the same characters.
Jojo Moyes I'm not telling! (yet)

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