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M. Antonietta Manuela Sasso If I could travel in a world of imaginary books, I would go where the emotions are more intense, the characters more real, the places more distant. I would go where the heart beats faster, where the trials are faced, where it is not important to win or lose, but what matters is to fight. And once I got there I would never go back...
M. Antonietta Manuela Sasso You know Shubert's Eighth Symphony? It's my favorite. I love it. I like to close my eyes while listening to it, and let the emotions go.
One day, while I was listening to this Shubert's Symphony, suddenly in my mind I see a succession of images, of distant places, of a distant time: it was a story... like a movie! I decide to write down what I see: so I take pen and paper and I start to throw down, one sentence after another... and the pen didn't come off the paper, because the ideas kept coming out and I didn't want to lose them. Well, that's how "On the Wings of the Wind" was born: as I relaxed and let my emotions go... 'on the notes' of Shubert.
M. Antonietta Manuela Sasso By reading, observing, listening. Sometimes we just need to relax and do what we like. The idea of "On the wings of the wind" suddenly came to me while I was listening to Shubert's Eighth Symphony. "Sons of thunder" was born while I was reading the Book of Revelation by John (in the Holy Bible). The book of Carismino was born playing with my children.
The idea must not be forced (it would not work). When it is born it must sediment; and when it is mature it must be collected.
M. Antonietta Manuela Sasso I'm designing a series of fiction books.
M. Antonietta Manuela Sasso Read, read... and keep reading until you get an idea.
Let the idea grow in your head and in your heart; don't write anything and keep reading.
Summarize your idea in five sentences. And keep reading.
Summarize your idea in one and a half pages. And keep reading.
When you feel ready, write the beginning, the middle and the end of your story... and keep reading.
At some point your characters, their world, their dialogue, their emotions will come out on their own... Great! Now you have your book! But keep reading and do not stop...
M. Antonietta Manuela Sasso You can be anyone, live anywhere, and feel all the emotions you want; the only thing you need is the right character, in the right place, in the right story.
M. Antonietta Manuela Sasso I design the plot, and when the track is complete I start writing. If no idea comes to my mind, I relax myself by doing what I like best: I buy books and I read, read, read....
M. Antonietta Manuela Sasso Jacob, discovers that he is the one chosen by the prophecy to defeat Zabor: evil that oppresses the people, dark beast-like lord who recruits followers, seduces them, marks them with fire and chains them with lies and pacts. Jacob wants to break the curse and prevent Zabor from recruiting more followers and conquering the Kingdom, but the formula is contained in an ancient book, closed by seven seals, and to retrieve the keys he will have to pass terrible tests...

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