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J.C. Seal The writing of my first published book, "Fallen Angels" (Angels and Demons, book one) was triggered by a dream I couldn’t get out of my head after waking. A dream of a lonely man with a secret, and a woman about to discover the truth. The scene ended with them both hanging in the air bathed in light, Angel wings sprouting from the man’s shoulder blades. You can find the scene in chapter thirteen in "Fallen Angels" now.
The other two books in this Trilogy complement and continue the story of book one.
The second book of the Trilogy, "Angels Descendants," is currently in editing and should hopefully be published in 2019.
Currently, I'm writing on the third book, "Angels Nemesis," where the whole story plot will be brought to a, hopefully satisfying, end.
J.C. Seal Everything, everywhere! Things I hear, see, read, feel, experience. If you go through life with an open mind, even the smallest detail can trigger an idea.
J.C. Seal Here are 5 things about my current WIP:

1) The second part of my Angels-and Demons Trilogy is currently in editing and will hopefully be released this year.

2) The title is Angels Descendants.

3) The protagonist of book two is Jason Tim, a young man who has denied his heritage all his life, calling his father a nutcase, running away from home. Until one day, something happens that turns his whole life upside down. He suddenly finds himself in a place only known from history books, realizing that his father told the truth all along. Hunted by unknown foes, he needs to come to terms with the changes in his life, unravel the mystery of his own heritage. Learning that his girlfriend had been blackmailed to spy on him, he needs to unravel her heritage as well to keep her safe from abilities she cannot control.

4) Of course, you will meet the characters of the first, amazon 5-star rated book, Fallen Angels, again as well.

5) In the end of book two, you will meet Lucifer’s son. He will be the protagonist of book three, which is currently at 41.000 words and growing steadily.
J.C. Seal Being an author is a wonderful, challenging, emotionally taxing roller-coaster ride, and worth every single minute. I can finally share all those worlds inside my head with my readers, make them happy, sad, cry, mourn and rejoice. It's like breaking out of a prison I locked myself inside a long time ago. Now I'm suddenly free, soaring the sky. My Indie-Author colleagues are a really special bunch of people. We care about each other, help each other. I'm part of a really big, loving family now. I never want to miss it again!
J.C. Seal Oh, you mean, like the blind leading the blind, since I’m a beginner myself.

I guess the most important thing is, stay true to yourself. Don’t give up, don’t despair. Don’t let anyone tell you to stop writing. Believe in yourself, in your vision. Don’t stop writing because others tell you it’s not worth it. Don’t despair when you are smiled upon, when your “antics are tolerated”.

Find a community of like minds. Indie writers are special, they help each other. Don’t be afraid to reach out to one of us.
J.C. Seal Read a good book, go outside, talk with friends, get ideas how to continue the story. Don't push yourself, some chapters just take more time than others. When the next lines are ready to be written, they will come to you all on their own. Read what you have already written. Sometimes it takes just a tiny change somewhere to make a blocked path open up.
J.C. Seal Horror story for writers:
Power up your PC, and your harddrive has crashed.
Then notice you never saved the latest WIP to the cloud.
J.C. Seal I do that every time I read a book. Not physically, of course, but in my mind, I'm there.
If there was the possibility to physically travel to a fictional book world - well, I guess I would be egoistic and pick my own, because I would really love to meet my characters and have a chat, not just in my mind.
If I had to pick another universe, it would be Aimee Easterling's werewolf universe. I'd love to meet Wolfie and his pack.
J.C. Seal Undercover Witch Academy by Rachel Medhurst
Death's Legacy Series by Becca Andre
Rise of the Ancients by Eileen Troemel
Freya Rose Series by L.P. Dillon

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