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Martin Lundqvist I wrote the plot summary for the Divine Sedition when I did temp job at a quiet reception for a day via an agency. I had released the Divine Dissimulation a month earlier, and I felt inspired to indirectly get paid to write for once. Once I had the plot summary done it was easy to keep going. Worth mentioning is that I don't follow the plot summary slavishly and all of my books have ended up a bit different in the end than the original plot summary intended but I reckon it is a good starting point to know the rough direction I am going with the book.
Martin Lundqvist I think every human has inherent creative parts of their personality. For some, it's music, for others arts, and for me, it's writing stories. I rarely have a problem coming up with new story elements and twists to my stories. Sometimes I run out of aspiration and work ethic while writing, but usually, I always find the inspiration to write when I have the aspiration to write.
Martin Lundqvist I am currently working on promoting The Divine Sedition, and I have also started to write a plot summary for the final part of the trilogy The Divine Finalisation. I would be happy to discuss the plot summary with anyone that has read the two first books, as that would give me input on where to go with the last book.
Martin Lundqvist I would consider myself an aspiring writer and not an established one, so I would be interested in any advice I could get. I guess the main thing is to enjoy it and don't put too much pressure on yourself. Don't quit your job to do writing, instead do your writing times when you would otherwise not be productive, Instead of watching TV or checking Facebook: Write. Make use of your time but don't pressure yourself.
Martin Lundqvist The best thing about being a writer is that I can use my spare time to create something instead of just wasting my time. If I, for instance, play video games or watch videos for too long I feel like I have wasted time, time that I could have spent doing something productive. Having said this sometimes writing bore me and I don't write for a couple of weeks until the lust to write comes back.
Martin Lundqvist As a hobby author, this is not a big issue for me. I don't make any money from writing, and thus I have no timelines to match. What I usually do to get a flow is to write the text first and then do the editing afterwards. I am pretty good at coming up with story elements, so I focus on continuing the story rather than exact formulations of sentences. To me, the language is just a tool to portray the story and thus the exact wording is less important than the message of the story being conveyed.

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